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  • Dorothy Chamberlin
    TOP FIVE HEADLINES  June 1, 2006 Recruit 5 people to sign up for BuzzFlash alerts and help spread the truth: http://www.buzzflash.com/alerts/subscribe.php
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      June 1, 2006

      Recruit 5 people to sign up for BuzzFlash alerts and help spread the truth: http://www.buzzflash.com/alerts/subscribe.php

      Today's commentary...

      As Iraq continues to implode, the poobahs on Capitol Hill and the media continue to treat Bush as if he has credibility.

      Admittedly, the Moonie-owned "Washington Times" is the FOX News of the print media, but we still had to laugh when we read this telling headline: "Bush Seeks Truth in Iraq Probe." While coming from a rabidly pro-Republican rag, the headline is actually pretty typical of how the mainstream media works.

      While the conventional media claims it provides "balanced" coverage, it prints Rovian propaganda as -- well - "the truth."

      Take the Washington Times headline, for instance. How would one know if Bush is "seeking the truth" about the Haditha probe? In fact, as is the rule for the White House, they only launched a public "investigation" once the story became a juggernaut and they had no choice. Bush even claimed he knew nothing about the incident until he heard about it in the news. That's a likely lie for a variety of reasons.

      There is prima facie evidence that a major agenda of the Bush Administration is to cover up and white wash their failures. How does the Washington Times justify a headline that imparts a motive and "state of mind" to Bush, in which he is allegedly intent on "getting to the bottom" of the Haditha massacre? His administration, through the Pentagon, has been covering it up for months.

      It's like PlameGate and hundreds of Bush Administration lies over the past few years, not to mention the lying of a nation into a ruinous war.

      Each day, as BuzzFlash has repeatedly noted, the media wakes up and gives Bush a new plate of credibility; all past lies -- too numerous to count -- are wiped clean from the historical memory.

      Where are the overview articles on how Bush's promise to "seek the truth" have only been phony promises, as his administration worked tirelessly to keep Americans from knowing the truth? Why is he treated with even an ounce of credibility?

      Because big media is big business and the Bush Administration is in charge of the regulatory and legal trough that they feed at.

      So, Bush wakes up every day untainted by his morally tainted and deceitful presidency.

      No defendant in a court of law would be treated with such daily forgiveness for unremitting transgressions of the law and assaults on the truth.

      But the corporate media has billions of dollars at stake, and Bush is their investment. You don't trash talk your own investment, do you?

      Meanwhile, the nation goes down the tubes, honesty is devalued, and mediocrity and incompetence becomes the coin of the realm.

      Getting to the "truth" about Haditha?

      Heck, that would end up with Bush and his cohorts in the docket, where they belong.

      They'll be no getting to the truth; there will just be the finding of some scapegoats and promoting the higher-ups, as Bush continues rowing down the river they call De Nile. 

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