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Re: Results from World Synchro championships

"Mr iosif herchi herios@... [SkateFans]" ... I would say it is not usual, but also not exceptionally rare. The rules do allow for mixed-gender teams, but
Sandra Loosemore
7:56 PM

Re: Results from World Synchro championships

I just tuned in on youtube today to watch the Canadian team which won the World synchro title.Not being familiar with the rules, I have a question regarding
Mr iosif herchi
7:18 PM

Re: World Team Trophy under way

Amazingly, one could argue that Scimeca/Knierem are responsible for salvaging the win for Team USA over Team Russia by beating out Kavaguti/Smirnov in the
4:19 PM

World Team Trophy

Anyone know what Max Aaron was chosen for the team instead of Rippon? Just wondering.... Anne
Anne Donze
Apr 18

Re: Baiul v. Disson

IIRC most skating followers regarded these lawsuits as pretty lame (and sad) to begin with. One can only hope the lawyers who pursued them were working on
Apr 18

Baiul v. Disson

Apparently there was a decision in this case a couple of days ago. Here's information that I was able to find. Please elaborate, correct, or clarify. Baiul
Apr 18

Re: World Team Trophy under way

"Kathy.Godfrey@... [SkateFans]" ... I've watched a few of the videos available here:
Sandra Loosemore
Apr 17

Re: World Team Trophy under way

I am enjoying the WTT from what I am seeing. I was surprised Eric Radford skated the pairs given he was hospitalized for food poisoning which left him down a
P Labatt
Apr 17

Re: Plushenko to compete again?

... Well, nobody's actually giving him any assignments yet. At this really says is he plans to start training again, which he mostly needs to do to continue
Apr 17

Re: World Team Trophy under way

Second day of competition is now complete. In a FD in which all three teams had the same called base value, the French won a close victory over the Canadians,
Apr 17

Plushenko to compete again?

You've got to be kidding me!?!? Does anyone say no to him- ever? OlympicTalk:
Maleah Gustafson
Apr 17

Nancy and Tonya Museum

http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/04/16/nancy-and-tonya-museum-in-hipster-hell.html Nancy and Tonya Museum in Hipster Hell - The Daily Beast
Apr 16

No new skating on US TV

I have nothing for the week of 4/18/15 - 4/24/15.
Apr 16

World Team Trophy under way

ISU World Team Trophy 2015 http://www.isuresults.com/results/wtt2015/index.htm http://www.isuresults.com/results/wtt2015/index.htm ISU World Team Trophy 2015
Apr 16

Re: Gracie Gold working on new jumps

Ahhh what a pleasant reminder of a fun moment in practice at Nationals. Jenny and her coach were next to Frank and his student and during one of the Ladies 45
Ray, Trina L (3970)
Apr 15
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