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297Weapons fighting

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  • GeneralSkull@aol.com
    Feb 20, 2007
      Hey guys...Daniel made a post a couple of weeks ago about the Hou. Stickfighting Assoc getting together on the 4th of next month.  This might be a good place to make a showing.  Even if you don't fight...just being there to support others who are would be fun for most also.
      Some of the people like to wear a fencing mask and a light street hockey glove on the weapon hand only...and others like to get all padded up.  Normally those who have real lives and have to work the next day.  I've got sets of padding if any of you would like to jump in and play around.
      You can go back to Daniel's post on times and the location...for that info...but contact me or post if you would like to go down as a group.

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