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  • Tocharaeh
    Jan 18, 2007
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      Hey hey guys. LONG time and sadly NO chatty. Last I checke din with
      y'all I was in NC I think. Here is a brief update 'bout my

      Firstly: When I went to NC I ended up homeless and pennyless. Made a
      move to enter the Army but my eyes failed, and got a DQ. Sooner after
      I got a waiver to go get LASIK srgery. My wonderful and highly
      supporting family sent me to Oregon and I got LASIK surgery, which
      was highly successful.
      Secondly: Soon after LASIK and waiting the required medical time
      period for my eyes to heal as per army regulation, I went to work in
      Idaho at a private golf club, and made buku bucks. End of summer '06,
      I went to Japan to improve my Japanese skills, and lived tehre for a
      month. Came back in December, and enlisted in the US Army Reserves.

      Current: I'm getting ready to ship out to Basic Trainihng/AIT at Ft.
      Lenard Wood Missourri, where I will be for 14 weeks. I'll continue to
      live in Portland, Oregon whlie I work towards my goal in asian
      linguistics, specializing in Japanese. I'm going back to Japan in the
      summer, and winter for about 3 1/2 weeks each to a) improve my skills
      and b) take the JLPT test taht is administered once a year (very

      I WILL be renewing activity in LARPING, and plan to find a place
      around here that teachs either A) Krav Maga B) Tai Chi Chuan
      (fighting style, not medicinal), and/or C) Kenjitsu.

      So, did the deal with the daggers ever get figured out, and people
      actually got ahold of them or what? ;) I want my dagger hehe.