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Potting up for plant sale

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  • LaserBlast@aol.com
    Please pot up for our plant sale this weekend asap -- we want healthy, strong specimens our customers will be able to transplant and have good fortune with.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2008
      Please pot up for our plant sale this weekend asap -- we want healthy, strong specimens our customers will be able to transplant and have good fortune with.
      Here is what I observed over the last few weeks at other plant sales:
      - if it is in bloom, it sells
      - Lily of the Valley practically fly off the tables - at $3 each the Monastery Sale sold out of over 100 potted plants in a just a few hours - please pot up all you can - in flower, even better
      - cut flowers are great - remember Sunday is Mother's Day!
      - shade perennials are really in demand
      - flowering shrubs and small trees fetch a premium price (think dogwood, redbud, spirea, etc.)
      - herbs, sweet peppers and tomatoes are hot -- ironically, hot peppers are not
      - mixed plantings and baskets do not do so well
      Please add your own observations.
      (I'm CCing the Four Seasons club as I think they could profit off this advice as well.)
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      In a message dated 5/4/2008 5:36:49 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, egaldrich@... writes:

      By the truckload:

      Green Liriope – Seriously, tell me how much you want, I will sell it by the trash bag full.

      1 gallons:

      2 Citrumelo ‘Dunstan’ (z.7) hardy grapefruit …this is the most edible hardy citrus for z.7a – a sour grapefruit

      2 Opuntia violacea ‘Santa Rita’ purple pads/yellow flowers

      2 Agave lophantha

      5 Zingiber mioga (z.6 Japanese ginger – yellow fls)

      From: fsgc_group@yahoogro ups.com [mailto:fsgc_ group@yahoogroup s.com] On Behalf Of Edward Aldrich
      Sent: Sunday, May 04, 2008 5:19 PM
      To: fsgc_group@yahoogro ups.com
      Subject: Four Seasons Message Plant List for Greenspring Sale May 21st

      Here is a list of what I am bringing to sell at the FSGC tent:

      1 gallon pot size:

      2 Brillantasia subulugarica (cool tropical acanthaceae w/blue fls.) z.10
      5 Sabal louisiana (trunking shrub palmetto) z.7a (volunteers from yard)
      22 Hemerocallis fulva 'Kwanzo' (double flowered orange daylily) easy!
      1 Buddleia lindleyana z.7a (1 foot weeping purple fl. clusters)
      2 Hibiscus paramutabilis x syriacus 'Tosca' z.6a (Woodlander' s hybrid)
      6 Clerodendrum trichotomum z.6 Harlequin Glorybower (frag., butterfly
      1 Musa Dwarf Cavendish (z.10) purple spots
      2 Bauhinia galpinii z.8b (Orange flowered orchid tree - S. africa )
      Possibly hardy on a wall w/mulch
      1 Hibiscus tiliaceus z.10 (Mahoe)
      6 Cassia corymbosa z.7b Argentine Evergreen bush senna yel. fls

      4 inch pot size:

      4 Heteromorpha arborescens z.7 (S. african shrub/tree w/wht. fls)
      1 Pavonia lasiopetala z.7a/b (reseeds in my yard)
      3 Acacia (evergreen dwarf) - z. 10, a bonsai candidate from USVI
      1 Hibiscus tiliaceus (Mahoe)
      2 Clerodendrum trichotomum z.6 Harlequin Glorybower (fragrant)
      21 Sabal louisiana z. 7 (trunking dwarf palmetto)
      26 Sabal minor z.6 (dwarf palmetto - non trunking form)
      4 Aloe humilis z.7b/8a (hardy aloe)
      6 Citrus aurantifolia (z.10) Key lime - houseplant
      8 Sesbania punicea (z.8/7) Orange fl. shrub. I believe is z.7 hardy
      2 Bowkeria cymosa - z. 7 South African shrub/tree Gentianaceae
      21 Tradescantia variegated z.7 (root hardy)
      13 Tradescantia sillamontana z.7 (root hardy)
      8 Zandestachia aethiopicum
      43 Bryophyllum tubiflora z.10 Kalanchoe relative w/red fls. easy!
      9 Pelargonium odoratissimum z.10 (Apple scented geranium - wht. fls)
      5 Sinningia purpurea z.8 (purplish leaves & furry pink fls)
      15 Fishtail Boehmeria z.6? (shrub from Steve Silberstein in NJ)

      3 inch pot size:

      30 Gloxinia nemantanthodes 'Evita'

      2 inch pot size:

      32 Delosperma cooperi z.6 Hardy Ice Plant - purple fls.
      15 Kalanchoe marmorata z.10 (from 2007 FSGC plant exchange Thanks Dale!)

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