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Re: cannot reach Elaine King

Don’t know her. T From: mailto:SilverSpringGardenClub@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 2015 3:18 PM To: SilverSpringGardenClub@yahoogroups.com
Taffy Turner
3:31 PM

New file uploaded to SilverSpringGardenClub

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the SilverSpringGardenClub group. File :
12:19 PM

cannot reach Elaine King

HI all - I cannot reach Elaine King -- her email is bouncing back and her phone number is disconnected -- does anyone know her and how we can reach her? She
12:18 PM

Re: Saturday volunteers needed - Friday shift is full

I'll be away on Saturday, but if there's anything I can do in the lead-up (e.g., collect and deliver the raffle prizes this late afternoon or Friday late
Linette Lander
5:15 AM

great news - another Raffle prize has just been donated

HI all - I just received this generous raffle prize donation - ... Silver Spring based Tema is hosting a Show Cooking event on July 20-21 at the Urban Winery
May 5
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Saturday volunteers needed - Friday shift is full

Hi all - Thank you to all who have already sent an email to me letting me know that can volunteer for the GardenMart. We now have more than enough people for
May 5

FEARLESS FOOD Gardening Talk hosted by the Silver Spring Garden Club

The Silver Spring Garden Club invites you to a talk on: FEARLESS FOOD Gardening Fearless Food Gardening sprang out of the educational efforts of teaching
May 4

Dahlia Society is joining us at GardenMart on Saturday

HI all - Just a quick note that the local Dahlia Society is joining us on Saturday. (They also lost their sale space at Brookside this spring, due to the
May 3

SSGC plant sale guidelines for potting up your plants

Only a week left to get your plants potted up for the Garden Mart next Saturday, May 9. It’s cutting things a little close to start now, but if you keep
Taffy Turner
May 1

Re: SSGC plant sale - blackberry lily?

Linette - Did you get any replies yet? I have a few blackberry lily plants and can see if any are ready for dividing and potting up to sell to you at a bargain
May 1

Gardening event at Fenton St. Market tomorrow-Sat 5/2

Master Gardeners will be demonstrating an inexpensive way to make, plant and take home your own self-watering containers. If youÆre too busy to water your
Diane Svenonius
May 1
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Hungry Harvest: We should stop wasting fresh fruits & veggies

Wow - this is great! I see they deliver to Silver Spring and Wheaton on Sundays. I signed up. Thanks for the tip!
May 1

Re: can you identify these Insects in tree root soil? [2 Attachments

They definitely look like cicada nymphs. Not harmful – you just disturbed their hibernation. Taffy From: mailto:SilverSpringGardenClub@yahoogroups.com Sent:
Taffy Turner
Apr 30

can you identify these Insects in tree root soil?

We had a 20 year old laceleaf red maple that was dying branch by branch for the past 8 years and we finally removed it today. We found these critters living in
Apr 30
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We should stop wasting fresh fruits & veggies

Hey neighbors, I read this article from NBC the other day about how the US wastes 6 billion pounds of fresh produce each year. Much of it goes to waste  for
Zeke Nelson
Apr 30
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