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B2MeM 2013: Day Thirty-One

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  • rhapsody_the_bard
    MARCH 31 Today is the final day of B2MeM, so we ve decided to do something special. When writing for challenges, it is often the case that you see a prompt and
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      MARCH 31

      Today is the final day of B2MeM, so we've decided to do something special. When writing for challenges, it is often the case that you see a prompt and think that it could inspire an amazing story or work of art … but it's not something you feel that *you* can tackle. For our final B2MeM challenge, you will be able to challenge fellow participants to create a response to that prompt you loved but couldn't find the inspiration for, didn't feel prepared to handle, or just ran out of time for.

      Final Challenge Rules
      1. First, choose a B2MeM 2013 prompt that you'd like to challenge another participant to respond to.

      2. Next, choose *one* other literary or canon element to add to your challenge. For example, you might challenge the participant to write about a particular character, or you might add the challenge to respond in a particular form or genre. Additional elements include but are not limited to characters, groups/races, eras, settings/places, textual sources, events, themes, genres, and forms.

      B2MeM Promp: "They will think we had a very strong magic to pass through all those locked doors and disappear." (Day One)
      Additional Element: the story should be set in Angband

      B2MeM Prompt: "Now let thy children beware! For there shall walk a power in the forests whose wrath they will arouse at their peril." (Day 7)
      Additional Element: genre: bedtime story

      3. Comment here: http://b2mem.livejournal.com/238598.html with your challenge. Your first challenge is free! For each additional challenge you leave, you must first respond to at least one other challenge here. For example, after you claim and create your response to someone else's challenge, you can comment with a second challenge. After you claim and create your response to another challenge, you can comment with a third challenge, and so on.

      4. Claim a challenge by replying to that comment. More than one person can claim a challenge.

      5. Please claim only one challenge at a time. After you finish the first challenge, you may claim a second challenge, and so on. (This will hopefully prevent claiming sprees that result in piles of WiPs!)

      6. You do not need to post your response to the challenge(s) you claim. You do need to make a significant start (you are the judge of what that means!) on your response before posting or claiming additional challenges. For example, if you plan to write a five-chapter story, you might consider finishing the first chapter to be a significant start.

      Please remember that while you are challenging your fellow participants, this is *not* a ficswap. It might happen that no one claims your challenge, or those who do might not finish or publicly share their responses. The responses that are created might involve topics or characters that don't interest you. Likewise, you're under no obligation to read or respond to the pieces created for your challenge, although we certainly encourage you to do so, if you wish.

      Please use the format below when posting your challenges.

      <b>B2MeM 2013 Prompt:</b>
      <b>Additional Element:</b>

      Remember, Reading Week starts tomorrow!

      If you'd like to participate, Reading Week guidelines can be found here: http://b2mem.livejournal.com/231577.html. Reading Week banners can be found here: http://b2mem.livejournal.com/235987.html . Nath made some new and awesome banners, so do check them out!

      Good luck everyone!

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