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February 2013 Newsletter Posted!

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  • Dawn Felagund
    Hi, all, I have just finished and posted our newsletter for February: http://www.silmarillionwritersguild.org/news/february2013.php Our biggest news this month
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2013
      Hi, all,

      I have just finished and posted our newsletter for February:

      Our biggest news this month is that we have begun the Featured Podfic! For our very first Featured Podfic, Elleth has kindly allowed me to apply my Baltimore accent to her haunting and deeply symbolic experimental piece "Five Fires." A link to listen to or download the podfic can be found in the newsletter or in the Podfic section of our archive!

      A friendly reminder that, as part of the Featured Podfic, we will share a new podfic recording each month of a work of fiction, poetry, or nonfiction from our archive. Anyone can recommend a podfic for this program, so if there's a story you'd love to hear read out loud, please use our podfic page to let us know: http://www.silmarillionwritersguild.org/podfic/. We'll do the hard part of contacting the author for permission and setting up a reader. Any SWG member can also add their own podfics to the archive; instructions can be found at the link above.

      Also in the newsletter this month, I have written a character biography for Mahtan, a character who doesn't get a lot of page-time in the published Silmarillion but whose fuller development in the HoMe books makes him an appealing character to write about and especially intriguing in his role as a vehicle for Tolkien's oft-used theme about the potential of knowledge to corrupt.

      February is Valentine's Day, so let's put some love in the air for our characters! This month's revisited challenge, "One True Love," asks you to write the non-canonical pairing that toys with your imagination and that you never thought you'd dare to write. We also continue the "Things We Never Said" challenge if forgiveness and redemption are more your speed.

      In SWG news, Back to Middle-earth Month (B2MeM) begins in March, and we are once again a host group. Outside of the SWG, we link to a bunch of different challenges, as well as interesting reads from beyond our group.

      I hope you enjoy this month's newsletter!

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