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June 2012 Newsletter Posted!

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  • Dawn Felagund
    Hi, everyone, The June 2012 newsletter has been posted on our site! http://www.silmarillionwritersguild.org/news/june2012.php We don t have a lot of site news
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      Hi, everyone,

      The June 2012 newsletter has been posted on our site!

      We don't have a lot of site news this month, but we would like to remind those of you who read entries produced for B2MeM to please recommend your favorites; those of you who participated, please feel free to suggest your best pieces! We are compiling a list for the community and website. We have a couple of challenge announcements from other Tolkien groups as well in Around the World and Web.

      This month, Oshun continues and completes her two-part biography of Gandalf, undertaken for Back to Middle-earth Month. This month, she explores his role in the various stories he appears in and how he evolved as a character throughout the different texts. As always, the essay is insightful and informative and well worth the read!

      Finally, we have our ongoing challenge "Just Say It With a Gift!" and the "Sibling Rivalry" challenge revisited, in honor of our June Geminis, as well as a new quote of the month. You can also find a list of stories added to the archive during the month of May.

      Thank you to Oshun, Rhapsody, and Angelica for their assistance in producing the content for the newsletter!

      All the best,

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