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November 2011 Newsletter Posted!

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  • Dawn Felagund
    Hi, all, Our November newsletter has been posted on the website! http://www.silmarillionwritersguild.org/news/november2011.php In this month s news, Angelica,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2011
      Hi, all,

      Our November newsletter has been posted on the website!

      In this month's news, Angelica, our Library of Tirion mod, sends a reminder to send in your requests for stories and authors (pre-2007!) for the Library of Tirion section of our archive. This project aims to archive stories that were published before our archive opened. We're almost out of stories to post and so need some new recommendations! Also, if you use or intend to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9, be sure to check out how to make your browser compatible with the archive.

      This month's biography is on Tulkas. Tulkas has a singular purpose in The Silmarillion, but as is often the case, delving into earlier drafts reveals details about him that were scrubbed from the published text.

      The newsletter also contains a list of stories added to the archive last month, a fresh set of challenges to tickle your muses, and announcements from groups beyond the SWG. Many thanks, as always, to my comods Rhapsody and Angelica, who do most of the ground work needed to publish the newsletter!

      Enjoy! :)

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