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October 2010 Newsletter Posted

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  • Dawn Felagund
    Hi, everyone, I m a bit past the deadline of getting the newsletter up on the first of the month (by my time, anyway), but there s lots of content this month,
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      Hi, everyone,

      I'm a bit past the deadline of getting the newsletter up on the first of the month (by my time, anyway), but there's lots of content this month, so I hope it will be worth the slight delay! :)


      Continuing the theme she started last month with her biography of Aegnor, Oshun has written a biography of Angrod, the brother whom Aegnor is rarely without in the text. However, reading the two bios consecutively, one can see how different, in fact, Tolkien made the characters. Oshun ferrets out a distinctive personality for Angrod communicated by clues in the text.

      Linguistic Foolery returns this month with "Fact, Interpretation, and the Hard Burden of Proof." We have several months now of LF articles drawing on Tolkien's word lists to suggest possible interpretations of Elven culture. So what does one do with that exactly? Darth Fingon considers the broader implications of interpretations based on various textual sources and how they apply (or don't) to Elven cultures in general.

      In honor of Halloween, Pandemonium has drawn a Gothmog & Draugluin comment featuring special guest, "Stinky Pete" Meshugganascar, Maia of Mandos and revealing Manwe's very special Halloween costume! Also, we've added the ability to comment on newsletter comics, past and present!

      In addition to the columns, Rhapsody has put together a comprehensive list of all of the stories added, updated, and completed on the archive. If you're looking for something to read, this is a great place to start. We also have news from within SWG and a few announcements from groups outside of SWG that might interest our members.


      Enjoy! :)


      Dawn Felagund
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