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B2MeM: Greetings from Your Herald! (and Tavernkeeper)

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  • Dawn Felagund
    Greetings unto the people of Arda! The month of March is once more upon us and, with it, Back to Middle-earth Month. But this season, I--your humble herald
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2010

      Greetings unto the people of Arda!

      The month of March is once more upon us and, with it, Back to Middle-earth Month. But this season, I--your humble heraldOrnisso the Unappreciated--have dark tidings to bring, for it seems that the world's end is upon us.

      It began in the fashion of a rumor, as such things tend to do. I keep a humble tavern here on the coast, in a town wherethe name has been long-forgotten, and I first heard the mariners speaking softly to one another of new lands rising wherebefore there had been naught but sea. I assumed them deep in their cups and prone to fancies thereof, but one night, as Iwalked at the verge of the sea, I chanced to look skyward and saw that even the familiar stars had taken new shapes: shapesof dire warning. Shapes that portended, to my ancient heart, that the end was near.

      For you may once have known me. I am of the ancient line that came from Valinor when the Trees went dark, and I was in theservice of King Fingolfin, one of his loremasters, though not the best-known, not he who would author the texts that forgedthe legends found in the books upon your shelves. But I remember the ancient tales of the world's ending; I wrote of themonce and argued hotly with Pengolodh of Gondolin, who thought not much of what I had written. He prevailed, and the storiesspoken by your wise Elrond and gentle, brave Bilbo, told even by the great authors of your own time, echoed hiswords and mine were lost to dust, fated to fade even as did my people upon Eriador.

      The end is upon us--yet all hope is not lost. Twenty of our heroes--some more ancient than the stars and others new-bornupon this world--have gathered to lead the forces of good against the Dark Foe Morgoth when he breaks forth from beyond thenight as the lost legends forebode. They have gathered in my Tavern to begin their work that will determine the fate of theworld. Shall Light triumph as it was meant to do from the beginning? Or shall all descend into darkness?

      Come meet our heroes in the Tavern, where they are becomingacquainted and sharing their own tales of how they became engaged in this quest for the fate of the world. In the weeks tocome, we shall all share story andsong, that which has ever inspired hearts and minds and changed the world. Shall we change it yet again? That remains tobe seen, but we hope you will join us on our journey.

      May the stars guide you on your way,

      Ornisso the Unappreciated
      Loremaster of Fingolfin
      (who is most absolutely decidedly not Pengolodh

      P.S.--If you could not join us for our quest but wish to share your own tales this month, you may find our challengeshere: http://www.silmarillionwritersguild.org/b2mem2010/viewpage.php?page=locations.

      Dawn Felagund
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