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3577March 2014 Newsletter Posted

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  • Dawn Felagund
    Mar 2, 2014
      Hi, all,

      Our new newsletter has been posted!

      This month's edition contains lots of new goodies. Oshun's biography this month focuses on Elendur, one of those characters whose deeds link The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings (in honor of B2MeM). The eldest son of Isildur, Elendur is a minor character, yet his role in Unfinished Tales helps bring into focus Tolkien's changing perspectives on Elendur's father, Isildur. Oshun's biography untangles what the various texts say about this character and reveal his importance in redeeming Isildur's character in later versions of the text.

      This month's podfic is the story "Heart-stung" by Agelast, which was written for last year's B2MeM event based on the quote "The thought of their ancient friendship stung his heart." Agelast's beautiful story is given a lovely reading by abbyforth.

      We do have some ongoing group news. Of course, there is our participation in B2MeM, which is now in full swing. The Silmarillion re-reading continues on our LiveJournal community. And we moderator-types are in the midst of making decisions for the group going forward, and we seek member input on what to do with our challenges. The News section has more information on all of these things.

      If you're looking for something to read, we had quite a number of stories added and updated on our archive last month. Russandol has also collected a fascinating bunch of links for our Around the World and Web section. If you're looking for something to write, we have two ongoing challenges--"Beyond the Circles of Middle-earth" and "Heroes"--as well as challenges from other groups in the Around the World and Web section.

      As always, I want to thank the many people whose contributions make this monthly newsletter possible: Oshun, abbyforth, Agelast, Rhapsody, Russandol, and Angelica all created this month's content. Many thanks to you all.

      I hope everyone enjoys the new newsletter!