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3573February 2014 Newsletter Posted

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  • Dawn Felagund
    Feb 2, 2014
      Hi, everyone,

      Our February 2014 newsletter has been posted!

      We have lots going on this month! Firstly, Oshun has written another excellent character biography, this time on Tuor. Tuor is one of those interesting characters whose influence spans the legendarium. As the father of Earendil, his tale is instrumental in establishing the "guiding light" that Earendil served as in both the symbolic and literal sense. As with many of Tolkien's characters, the texts that provide us with Tuor's story are often complicated and unfinished, but Oshun irons these out to provide a strong background on his character before tying him in to the themes and concepts that would extend across the legendarium.

      This month's podfic is "Gentlemen's Night Out," a story written by Oshun and recording by Tanis. This story looks at various Elvish customs with a humorous bent.

      In our site news, we are off to a strong start for 2014! We had a record-breaking number of new registrations last month and welcome our new members to the group. We are also involved in a few projects so far this year. The Silmarillion re-reading, hosted by Indy and Lyra, is well underway, with discussions for four chapters posted in January. Back to Middle-earth Month is also coming up; this year's event will be a compilation of stories and artwork, so if you'd like to be included, be sure to sign up soon, as sign-ups close on 21 February. Links and more information on all of this is available in the News section of the newsletter.

      If you're looking for something to write, we have two challenges ongoing at the moment. "Beyond the Circles of Middle-earth" asks writers to place a Silmarillion character in another fictional universe. We are also revisiting "Inventions," in which writers explore how an item, whether mundane or magical, came to be invented. We also link to several challenges going on other groups that you might want to check out.

      If you're looking for something to read, the list of all stories posted or updated on our site during January can be found in our newsletter. We also offer several articles of interest about Tolkien's world.

      As always, the newsletter is a collective effort and well beyond the abilities of one person. Many thanks go to Oshun, Tanis, Rhapsody, Russandol, and Angelica for their work creating this month's content. I hope everyone enjoys! :)