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3560Re: [SilmarillionWritersGuild] Help: Beta Resources?

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  • Shannon
    Jan 4, 2014
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      I need to develop better commenting habits anyway, so that is good advice in general. I would not be looking for grammar and punctuation in particular. Instead, I need a good balance of canon-picking and embracing AU, along with being able to point out what areas don't work and why without forcing the beta's own writing style onto the story. (One thing I DO know is that good writers and good editors are not necessarily the same thing. I've seen a lot of really talented writers who are unable to get out of their own heads to read objectively, and the opposite as well.)

      It's good to know people in this fandom find betas simply by asking directly. Every fan community I have been involved with has organized things like this differently. There tends to be a bit of a learning curve with respect to knowing these things. All the same, it is worth the effort. The writing standards in this fandom are so high, I couldn't possibly post without someone else having a look.

      Thanks for the advice and the quick reply!


      On 1/4/2014 5:51 PM, heartofoshun@... wrote:

      Hi! Welcome!  This e-mail address might work for you. The Yahoo community list is far more quiescent at the moment that the website itself or the LJ community. 

      A good Beta/writer mix is more than grammar and punctuation. If I love what a writer loves in the canon and get a kick out of their slant on it, a multitude of sins of fiction-writing, grammar or punctuation would not necessarily drive me away from wanting to Beta for them. But, even if their writing was highly professional and the content didn't thrill me, then I would be less inclined to want to do so and also not the Beta that person needs.

      I would bite the bullet and write a personal note to a writer in the fandom that whose work you adore--lay it on thick! Someone who writers what excites you. Tell them how much you love their work and ask them if they might be able to find the time to look at yours. Flattery will get you everywhere. But, not only that, an approach to someone who writes what interests you is likely to provide the help you need from a Beta.

      It might be nice if you left some comments on their stories first also. The fandom economy is a give and take. I need to be read, you need to be Betaed! (Not necessarily me, of course--my work may irritate you to death. Or you may write subjects that do not interest me. Find the match. Who do you love?) But I think my point is that people will help you if you have spent a little time and attention on their work.

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      Hello, everybody!

      Thank you in advance for your help. I'm somewhat new to this group, in that I have lurked LJ in the past but never really actively participated until now. (Was I supposed to do an intro post? I'm so awkward at this.)

      I'm not sure if this is the proper outlet, but I could use advice on how to go about finding a beta. I don't really know anyone in the fandom anymore, and none of my real life friends know anything about Silm canon that I didn't already tell them. I hadn't planned on writing for this fandom until I had gotten my feet wet, but I ended up starting a project anyway.

      If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd be really grateful. I'm terrible at being objective about my own work, and could really use help from someone who is less rusty than me, with regards to canon.

      Thank you in advance, and have a great weekend!

      Shannon (rawr-balrog on tumblr/lj/ao3)

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