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Practical Conservation Training Internship in Israel

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  • International Conservation Center
    *Saving the Stones* Practical Conservation Training Internship International Conservation Center - Città di Roma Location: Old Acre, Israel Dates: February
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      Saving the Stones
      Practical Conservation Training Internship
      International Conservation Center - Città di Roma
      Location: Old Acre, Israel
      Dates: February 18, 2013-July 13, 2013
      Application deadline: December 6, 2012

      Saving the Stones is a three or five month training internship in heritage conservation and historic preservation.   The program is intended to give recent graduates of archaeology, architecture, design, museology, history, art, geography, and other related subjects, the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge hands-on in the field of conservation.

      Held at the campus of the International Conservation Center in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Acre, Israel.  This training internship provides intimate access to the veritable living laboratory for the study and application of practical heritage conservation methods and skills.  

      Acre is an historic port city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and is home to remains of world cultures including the Biblical period, Roman, Byzantine, Mamluk, Crusaders, Ottoman Empire, and the British Mandate.

      The program includes:
      Three intensive months foundational conservation and historic preservation studies, including theoretical and practical documentation and survey methods, and treatment planning through to application. 

      Two months optional advanced practicum, during which the knowledge acquired by the foundation unit is applied and thorough personal research is conducted.  

      On site practical application with ongoing national conservation projects.  Including:  mortar and stone preservation at David's Tomb and the Western Wall Tunnels, mosaic conservation at Caesarea, and historic building technologies in Acre.  

      Throughout the program, interns work alongside conservation specialists, archaeologists, and architects of the highest professional and academic level. 

      Accommodation and additional enrichment activities included!

      Tuition fee required but generous tuition grants are available to eligible applicants.  Eligible for MASA Israel Journey grants.  

      Contact the International Conservation Center: center@... for more information and to request an application package.  

      Shelley-Anne Peleg, Director
      International Conservation Center - Città di Roma

      Acre, Israel
      Phone:  972.4.9817322

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