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Cultural Resources/GIS Specialist

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  • R. Joe Brandon - Founder ShovelBums.org,
    Thanks to Jennifer at ArchaeologyFieldWork.com for sending this over. Onto the posting. Best, R. Joe Cultural Resources/GIS Specialist Position is a full-time,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2010
      Thanks to Jennifer at ArchaeologyFieldWork.com for sending this over.

      Onto the posting.


      R. Joe

      Cultural Resources/GIS Specialist 
      Position is a full-time, non-exempt opportunity located in Walkerton, Indiana.

      Come join an Award Winning Team! 

      This position will support and participate in all aspects of JFNew’s cultural resource management services. The successful candidate will also provide GIS technical support developing, presenting, and maintaining geographic data for the cultural resource group as well as the broader JFNew team. 

      This position includes exposure to a wide range of archaeological duties: research, fieldwork, laboratory analysis, and preparation of reports and consultation documentation. Growth potential is possible for someone with excellent technical skills and/or the ability to generate project proposals and budgets, including logistics and project management.

      GIS professional responsibilities include providing technical support to internal GIS users and non-GIS staff. The successful candidate should be able to complete tasks including, but not limited to, digitizing, geocoding, spatial analysis, creation of data tables/geodatabases, map—making, reprojecting data, dataset research, and data acquisition. Additional cartographic or graphic/illustrating experience a plus. 

      A minimum of three years professional experience with GIS;
      Strong knowledge of GIS and GPS concepts and software applications, specifically ESRI GIS platforms for ArcGIS and ArcPad;
      Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, Archaeology, History or related field; and a 
      completed field school in archaeology, geography, earth science or related discipline 
      Working knowledge of software packages including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Publisher, and Outlook; 
      Experience with additional graphic/cartographic packages i.e. Adobe Photo Shop; AutoCAD; Surfer; or statistical software a plus;
      Ability to use a compass and read maps;
      Ability to take thorough and legible notes in the field and office;
      Possess strong communication skills for correspondence with internal and
      external clients 

      Competitive Pay; Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Life Insurance, 401(k), Workers Compensation, Medical/Personal Leave, Paid Vacation, Paid Holidays, Educational Reimbursement, Paid Parental Leave for Male and Female, Tenure Recognition & Awards, Spot Bonus, Bi-Annual Reviews and Paid Professional Dues.

      Please apply at our website www.jfnew.com under the Careers Section.

      Equal Employment and Affirmative Action Opportunity Employer
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