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Job Posting - Archaeology Technicians Needed

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  • Hall, Jennifer
    Hello, Please post the following job opening on your website and email the information to your members. Thank you! ... For more information about Stantec and
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 4, 2007
      Job Posting - Archaeology Technicians Needed

      Please post the following job opening on your website and email the information to your members. Thank you!

      Location: Irvine, California
      Application Deadline: Wednesday, September 12, 2007
      Duration: 4-8 weeks, depending on project needs
      Job Description:
      Stantec's Environmental Management Group has several full-time, temporary positions open for archaeology technicians. Offering a competitive hourly pay rate, this position is immediately available. The positions are based in our Irvine office; however, job sites may be located in Irvine and/or Los Angeles. No per diem, housing, or travel cost reimbursement is available.

      Minimum Qualifications:

      - Must have reliable transportation to and from project sites
      - Bachelor's degree with an archaeology emphasis or equivalent
      - Archaeology excavation experience, including GPS and digital photography, in Southern California preferred

      For more information about Stantec and to apply online for this opportunity please visit www.stantec.com/careers. Select "Search Careers in the United States." On the next page, type in archaeological technician under "Keywords." For location, select US-CA-Irvine.  When you scroll down, this will show you the appropriate posting (2007-3517). Once you click on the position, it will take you to the job description, which will provide a link to apply directly to this job.

      When you apply for the job, please include at least three professional references in your resume or cover letter.
      Stantec offers a work environment that challenges, enhances and rewards each individual.
      Stantec is an Equal Opportunity Employer dedicated to Affirmative Action and Workforce Diversity.
      Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this posting. Also, please send the invoice to: Stantec / Attn: Denise MaconRose / 19 Technology Drive / Irvine, CA  92618.

      Thank you!

      Jennifer Hall
      Ph:   (602) 707-4786
      Cell: (714) 673-9861

      The content of this email is the confidential property of Stantec and should not be copied, modified, retransmitted, or used for any purpose except with Stantec's written authorization. If you are not the intended recipient, please delete all copies and notify us immediately.

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