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Terracon - STAFF ARCHITECTURAL HISTORIAN OR PRESERVATION CONSULTANT and CK info (or how to convert those docs to PDF that you don't have files for)

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  • R. Joe - Founder
    Folks, Here is some info on CK. This will also appear on the web page soon. A suggestion for those who are thinking Collective Knowledge Press would be great
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2003

      Here is some info on CK. This will also appear on the web page soon.

      A suggestion for those who are thinking Collective Knowledge Press
      would be great for those old reports and articles you did from back in
      the day when WordPerfect ruled and floppies really flopped. Consider
      using those fine resources at your disposal which are called "interns"
      or "student" assistants". You know, like the old saying, an indentured
      servant by any other name will work just as hard. Have them take those
      old documents of yours and scan them into PDF. "What?" your cry "Scan
      my 433 page manifesto one sheet at a time?, why I would not even with
      that upon Professor X's intern!". Ah-ha! You are right you wise sage,
      right indeed that would be a task ill fit for man nor beast. Instead,
      thanks to the miracle of silicon many Kinkos (you are thinking of the
      the wrong Kinkos and the wrong silicone - try to stay with me for just
      one more minute please), universities, federal and state agencies, have
      scanners. But these are scanners with a twist, they have a stack
      loader like you have on the top of a copy machine. Awhumpa whumpa
      whumpa, they suck your document in, grind their digital gears and
      viola' you have a reasonably legible PDF document. See? No need to
      fire up that old copy of Wordperfect on your 8086 with no hard drive,
      and your indentured servant has performed a genuinely valuable service
      and *not* decided to leave your field of study! Then just type up some
      errata explaining why pages 42 & 76 have scotch tape down the middle,
      maybe have the local tech geek fix that little doodle in your bib where
      you wrote "what a piece of crap" in the margin with an arrow to one
      paper, and maybe even throw in a short intro on your thoughts from then
      to now which you stick in as an errata and bingo - there is that old
      bad boy finally ready to go and be seen by the world again. A spiffy
      color cover and back, nicely bound, and heck maybe even a CD version!
      Everyone, and I mean everyone, from the aging post processualist, the
      glassy eyed GIS tech to the youthful neo-archaeologist (the "new new"
      archaeologists?) will have a tear in their tea as they gently weep with
      joy. Or then again maybe not, but it will be a great service to your
      profession and future researchers. And all of this (including reading
      this message) only takes up about twenty minutes of *your* time; print
      this message, hand it to your young helper along with a stack of your
      works from your corner, and say "here young helper, why I have a very
      important task for you to do. And I want you to show initiative and
      see this through from start to finish. Oh and don't forget to wax my
      car tomorrow over lunch too."

      So while

      "If it's not published, it's not science"

      is all fine and well I think this phrase is more appropriate.

      "if it's printed and no one can find it, why did you write it in the
      first place"

      Onto the posting


      R. Joe

      - Chris was on the road and could not send this out so see below for
      his contact info.

      > READVERTISEMENT: Necessitated by the possibility of multiple positions.
      > Previous applicants are still under consideration and need not apply
      > again.
      > Atlanta office of Terracon has immediate openings for professionals who
      > meet the Secretary of the Interior's Standards in architectural history
      > and/or historic preservation. MS/MA/MHP in historic preservation or
      > architectural history required.
      > Three to five years experience in similar position preferred but will
      > provide training to qualified candidates.
      > Will perform, Section 106 reviews and National Environmental Policy Act
      > (NEPA) reviews, must be willing to train to perform Phase I
      > Environmental Assessments.

      Applications review will begin August 12, 2003.

      > Send resume to: Terracon, 2855 Premiere Pkwy, Suite C, Duluth, GA
      > 30097, Attn. Chris Koch. Fax: 770-623-9628 or e-mail:
      > cpkoch@...
      > Terracon (www.terracon.com) is a national employee-owned
      > multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firm specializing in
      > geotechnical, environmental, construction materials, pavements and
      > facilities services. We emphasize quality environmental services &
      > individual professional development. Competitive salary/comprehensive
      > benefit package.
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