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The Essence of Reality

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  • Bindu
    The Essence of Reality Dear whatever the mind perceives it is reflection .. and the reflection is based upon what is relative to the maintenance of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2010
      The Essence of Reality

      Dear whatever the mind perceives it is reflection .. and the reflection is based upon what is relative to the maintenance of the existence of the separation we have come to call the Jiva.

      yet whatever appears within the consciousness is nothing more than a certain configuration or mode of the Self's own being appearing in the light of the Consciousness (it is appearing in and is lit by the prakasa of the Self Luminous being "Purusa")

      Thus what appears is composed of light/consciousness (just as quantum physics tells us in this modern age) but what quantum does not tell us is that light is itself the Self; hence then what is appearing is the self in the process of self-realization (or the consciousness in the process of becoming or shining AS the conscious-absolute which is existence)

      It is thus the prakasa of the Self shining "AS existence!!!

      The very existence is THE SHINING forth of the consciousness. thusly time passes enfolded by the infinit spaciousness of the eternal Self.

      There is only one being and it has many modes as sun has trillions of rays; these are the modes of the consciousness or to put it another way they are the modes of the being of Lord Siva; He is thus free in all the modes of His own consciousness!

      Oh Lalla one love one being one consciousness one Self HE is amazing!

      And hence all degrees of ignorance and non-realization also; Shiva is FREE because ignorance, degrees of ignorance and supreme intelligence and degrees thereof are also modes of His Consciousness; this is the nature of his knowledge-consciousness; It is the depth and nature of His jnana. He is stupid or a genius, mad or utterly sane; Evil or utterly holy! and all degrees of same.

      That is why sri Arjun was terrified! The whole of existence is HIS SHINING Self in all its myriad natures; there are thus no such things as jeeva. No karma (all karma is HIS). No Kriya (all are his) No Mudra ( all are his). HE alone IS!

      The rhythms and actions of the breath and of the heart of all beings are his also; thusly no one does pranayam also; thusly also there is no doer ... not even HE ... He shines naturally without action AS ALL that "IS.

      The events and thoughts that appear in the mind are reflections of HIS actions shining in HIS own Prakasa because the mind is itself composed of and is lit by His prakasa also.

      Everything emanating from Self is Self and the understanding of the Self is Self and non understanding of Self is also The Self .

      This is the highest truth the truest and exact nature of reality itself; so then Lalla let go and understand Him; relax and renounce all arrogant ideas of understanding him or of realization; no one can realize him BUT HE HIMSELF!

      Understand that THE SELF .. the very SELF "IN" You is HIM!!! it is NOT YOU AT ALL!!! This is different from saying that the Jiva is God; the Jiva is only his unliving reflection just as your own reflection has no self of its own so the jiva also has no Self-nature

      So then identify with the Self as YOURSELF instead of identifying with the Jiva As Self .

      It is no use trying to talk about what and how he does this and that... after all he does all yet does nothing... He does all simply by being himself such that it happens without his action .... thusly HE does not WIll existence and all its variety into being. IT IS HIS VERY BEING
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