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  • Vikrant
    May 5, 2011
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      this is some sacred information that i noted from a spiritual tv programme series in the past , i had saved it in my email after making my notes & i am now posting it to this group ..... hope it is usefull for everyone ....................
      Place-Gaya kund in pushkar in brahma nagar,here people come to give mukti to thier dead relatives so tht thier soul get freedom frm pret yoni and moves on to moksh or thier next life,this kund is a water talab which was opened by god ram to give mukti to his father's soul frm pret yoni.here people get the atma of dead person into a nariyal thru a ritual then nariyal is sent into taalab water.the taalab water here has miraclouse power to give mukti to the atma of dead person so that atma of the dead person does not roam in pret yoni