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Inspirational Equality -- Resources for thought

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  • Bryson
    Forwarded from another list: Inspirational Equality is the name of the current discussion as to whether the SCA should allow a man to select another man as a
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      Forwarded from another list:

      Inspirational Equality is the name of the current discussion as to whether the SCA should allow a man to select another man as a consort, or a woman another woman, in Principality and Crown Tournaments.

      I have heard several of you mention this idea lately, so I thought I would provide some resources you can use to explore the topic further, regardless of your personal thoughts on the issue so far.

      SCA Census results released in October 2011 http://www.sca.org/scacensus2010/

      There was roughly a split of 40% in favor of same gender ruling couples, 40% against, and 20% who either had no preference or were still undecided.
      Geographically there was more support in the western US, relative neutrality in the central part of the country, and more opposition in the eastern US.

      Board of Directors comments at their quarterly meeting on 10/15/11.

      Kingdom and Principality Royalty -- The governing laws of the SCA (Corpora) mandate couples of the opposite gender. Changing this is a complicated process. Even if that was done, then Kingdoms and Principalities would also need to change their own laws.
      Baronies already have the authority to decide on this issue themselves, and the Society will not interfere. There is about to be a same-sex pair ruling a barony in Caid, and An Tir law also allows this.
      The Board of Directors will be releasing formal proposals for comment after either their January or April 2012 meeting. Please watch for these on your local email lists or at http://www.sca.org/BOD/announcements/ and send your thoughts to comments@... (Normal comment period is 3 months.)
      Comments in the meeting included:
      Needing more information about the historical precedent.
      The Society’s goal to re-create the middle ages “as they should have been”.
      Modern laws and social opinions.
      BoD does not want to define what a “couple” is.
      Concerns that since the vast majority of armored fighters are men, that if they are choosing other men to share the monarch role, women could find themselves excluded from major leadership roles in the SCA for substantial periods of time.
      Perhaps like with the Baronies, individual Kingdoms may be given the right to decide this issue for themselves.
      As complex as this issue is, and as difficult as laws are to change, they want to get this right the first time.

      SCA Corpora (organization law) -- http://www.sca.org/docs/pdf/govdocs.pdf -- Pages 9-13 address the qualifications, duties, and privileges of royalty and territorial barons & baronesses.

      o Page 9, item A1 says: “Royal Lists must be conducted at a tournament announced in the kingdom newsletter as being for that purpose. Crowns or Coronets who wish to conduct a royal list in a manner other than individual combat must obtain the prior approval of the Board of Directors.”

      Page 10, item A3 says: “Kingdoms and principalities will ensure that all competitors in Crown and Coronet Lists are aware of and meet the membership requirements for themselves and their prospective consorts at the time they register for the Lists.”
      Page 10, item B1 says “Each competitor in a Royal Lists must be fighting for a prospective consort of the opposite gender.”
      Page 13-14, item A1 says “The Crown shall appoint a territorial Baron and/or Baroness according to the laws and customs of the kingdom when a branch is granted baronial status, or whenever a new Baron and/or Baroness is required. The barony‘s opinion on the matter must be requested and received in writing, and the appointments must not be substantively opposed by the populace of the barony. Territorial Barons and Baronesses are officers and must maintain appropriate membership status.”

      An Tir Kingdom Law -- http://www.antir.sca.org/Pubs/Laws/AnTir_Law_July_2011.pdf -- Pages 7-10 address the qualifications, duties, and privileges of royalty. Pages 38-41 address those of a territorial barons & baronesses.

      Page 7. Article IIC (1d): “By entering into the Crown Lists, a combatant declares that the combatant has a prospective consort of the opposite gender, who has agreed to reign with them should they win.”
      Page 39. Article VI.A on the Branches of An Tir. Item 4a(iv) = “At least one person to accept the title of Baron or Baroness as appropriate to their gender.”
      Page 5 of the Instructions on Baronial Polling adds: “Candidates are nominated by themselves or by members of the populace. . . . . Couples are the traditional choice and generally preferred. The couple need not be married to each other. A single candidate is an option, but all candidates must be acceptable to the Crown. Prior to the nomination of candidates, ask the Crown to clarify whether single candidates are acceptable. The same is true of a choice that would result in two Barons or two Baronesses. This will save frustration and embarrassment later.” (http://www.antir.sca.org/Offices/Seneschalate/Baronial_Polling_Processes.pdf)

      Principality Law

      Summits [http://summits.antir.sca.org/docs/SummitsLaw2008.pdf%5d -- Page 4. Article III.C. Eligibility = “1. Each competitor in the Coronet Lists must agree to the following conditions to be eligible to compete in the Lists: . . . . <c> The Combatant has a Companion of the opposite gender who will serve as Consort. <d> That both are eligible based upon Membership requirements put forth in Corpora.”
      Avacal http://www.avacal-sca.org/officer/sen_files/AvacalLawDec10.pdf -- Page 5. II.B. Succession, item 7 = “By entering into the Coronet Lists, a combatant declares that the combatant has a prospective consort of the opposite gender, who has agreed to reign with them should they win.”
      Tir Righ http://tirrigh.org/downloads/seneschal/TirRigh_Law.pdf -- Page 5-6 does not address the topic of gender of the participants.

      Online discussions:

      www.ClanBlueFeather.org -- This is an nationwide SCA network of individuals providing social support for individuals who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered. They also research and share information about homosexuality in the historical and “current” middle ages.
      SCA Today online newspaper -- Two specific articles are www.scatoday.net/node/16930 AND www.scatoday.net/node/21573

      Two Facebook discussion groups

      https://www.facebook.com/groups/108019419258580/ (an open discussion group)

      Thank you for your attention.

      HL Althaia filia Lazari

      Marshal at large, Lists Deputy, Curia note-taker

      Associated with Clan Carn & Dragon's Laire
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