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Review of the Anti-Backlash Lead Screw Nut by Jarrett Grover

LOLà..gotta be quick on the trigger finger! Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: Martin Dobbins
Jasen G
Sep 17

3-jaw chuck won't hold workpiece

Hi Martin, That looks useful!  I've been thinking about machining a gear cutter arbor.  I could use a little more diameter, tho. Thanks, Alan KM6VV ... Hi
Alan Marconett
Sep 10

How to unseize a 3-jaw chuck

I know Sherline says "don't use excessive force to tighten the jaws" but we all use too much oomph now and again. This is what most likely happened to your
Keith Harrison
Sep 8

Anti-backlash Nut for Sherline X-axis

Well, I was all setup to do a review of the lathe Z lead screw nut this weekend. After the USPS screwed up my package and delivered it several days late, I
Jasen G
Sep 8
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