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COMPLETE 3 axis cnc electronics package (plug-n-cut, Ready to go!)

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  • ballendo
    (Cross-posted to several CNC groups) Hello, They re finally here! The long-promised CNC control boxes from GeoMcnc (Say G-ohm CNC) are available at:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006
      (Cross-posted to several CNC groups)


      They're finally here!

      The long-promised CNC control boxes from GeoMcnc (Say G-ohm CNC) are
      available at:


      These are plug and play, FULLY assembled units with built in 34V,
      4amp linear power supply, parallel port "breakout" built into the 3
      axis, 3 amp unipolar chopper driver board, with option for screw
      terminal or Din5 motor connectors. The Estop circuit and switch is
      built into the board for added safety, and the single board design
      minimises point-to-point wiring for excellent reliability. (The Db25
      connector is soldered to the board, and the Din5 connectors are also
      directly soldered to the board.) There is a 2x20 expansion header
      with logically laid out pins--you can access all inputs including 5v
      and ground with a 2x5 connector. The parallel port outputs may also
      be connected--including 5v and ground--using a second 2x5 connector.
      (We have daughter boards in process as well which will take
      advantage of this simple, logical upgrade connector. It may be used
      to re-configure the driver board pinout to YOUR specific CNC control

      The included fan with filter presents clean air to the driver
      heatsinks which are oversized for excellent heat dissipation.

      A great deal of upgrade-abilty is built into the basic design and
      replaceable front and rear panels in the box allow you to add
      features like spindle and aux control, limits, probe, serial,
      Digispeed, modio, 2nd port, increased power supply amperage, etc.
      now or later.

      More importantly, these CNC control boxes (MCU's) are initially
      being offered as a COMPLETE set for three axis desktop machines (you
      can upgrade to 4 axis later if you wish). And with 34 volt drives at
      3 amps, mahcines larger than "desktop" models may also be driven.

      This complete set includes the control box, power cord, serial cable
      for computer connection, Mach3 demo already configured for the
      control box, three motor cables, and three 116 oz. in. 3amp size 23
      motors with a very flat torque curve; which makes them easily the
      equal of larger motors in actual use on a machine... (Larger 200
      oz.in. motors are on the way, and may be ordered now--email for

      No longer do you have to worry about your electronics experience
      level to complete a cnc machine. No longer do you have to search for
      various parts from various places.

      NO soldering, no screwdriver required. just plug the cords into the
      box and motors, load Mach3--or any other "common" step/dir p-port
      controller; but the M3 config is already DONE for you!---and begin
      using the system.

      AND, these won't take up more space on your bench than your machine!
      At only 3-3/4" wide, 5-3/4" high, and 8-3/4" long; they are about
      the size of a large brick. AND they are designed to minimise the
      footprint needed by standing up instead of laying flat.

      These boards, boxes and power supplies have been in testing for over
      a year, and have proved reliable and FAST.

      For a limited time, these complete sets are available for $325...
      (limited by quantity, so time will depend upon sales levels)
      Order now. Paypal ordering lets this fit on a credit card; Please
      email if a different payment method is desired.


      P.S. We also have MCU boxes with power supply and upgrade panels pre-
      drilled and wired for use with Xylotex 3 and 4 axis drive boards;
      HobbyCNC 3 and 4 axis drive boards, THS single axis boards. Up to 3
      Gecko 201, 202 or 210 drives will fit, use of 202's may require
      giving up some IO upgrade space. Email for details of your specific
      need. (We've likely considered it and have a drive box suitably

      P.P.S. OEM customers invited...
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