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Re: Results- Was: Driver/Motor recomendations

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  • Mike
    Hi Robert Glad to hear it worked out for you. Enjoy Mike ... to ... go ... it ... sherline z ... stepper ... missed ... and y ... Hobbycnc ... build,
    Message 1 of 14 , Sep 1, 2005
      Hi Robert

      Glad to hear it worked out for you. Enjoy


      --- In SherlineCNC@yahoogroups.com, "robgrzesek" <robert@r...> wrote:
      > Thanks to everyone for the driver/motor suggestions. I decided to
      > change to a HobbyCNC board with their 200oz/in motors. I was able
      > get 30ipm rapids- about triple what I got before. I think I could
      > faster but there doesn't seem to be a good reason. I haven't been
      > able to stall any axis when it's moving.
      > I had one motor with problems and Dave fixed it immediately without
      > assuming that I was doing something wrong (Which is a nice change).
      > I'd recomend it to anyone looking for good motor/drive combo.
      > -Robert
      > --- In SherlineCNC@yahoogroups.com, "Mike" <mjc117@s...> wrote:
      > > I started with sherline driver and steppers using mach2. I had
      > > performance issues so I decided to go with Hobbycnc driver and
      > > increased my rapids to 45IPM. I then discovered that the
      sherline z
      > > axis stepper is underpowered for the weight so I upgraded the
      > > to the hobbycnc 200 ozin. Then at times I had an occasional
      > > step while running the x or y at a faster speed so I upgraded x
      and y
      > > to the 200inoz motors. I have never looked back since.
      > >
      > > If I were you and wanted the most bang for the buck go with
      > > driver and 200 oz/in steppers on all axis. The board is easy to
      > > at least for me, and has performed great for the last 8 months.
      > >
      > > Hope this helps, I was down the road your on now.
      > >
      > > Mike
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