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Re: [SherlineCNC] Re: Knurling a flat surface? Thanks!

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  • Paul W. Chamberlain
    Don t forget a fundamental metal removal tool... The gunsmithing trade has Checkering Files for the kind of surface you re trying to make.
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 1, 2003
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      Don't forget a fundamental metal removal tool...

      The gunsmithing trade has "Checkering Files" for the kind of surface
      you're trying to make.


      Not affiliated... just a happy customer.

      Paul, Central OR

      alenz2002 wrote:

      >Hi fellows, thanks for the inputs. I think I see a plan starting to
      >shape up. Will have to experiment but either John or Ken's
      >suggestions or maybe a combination of the two ought to do what I want
      >with the least amount of fuss. I do have the CNC rotary so that
      >should help and the part is small, about .75 dia soft aluminum.
      >Thanks again, thats just what I needed to get off dead center.
      >John wrote
      >For that purpose, I think I would mount the drive washer in the head
      >stock chuck with some way to lock the chuck at whatever number
      >of "knurls" you desire. Then use a side cutting tool to cut radial
      >grooves in the face to grip the prop. This is assuming a "one off"
      >project not a production run.
      > Kenneth Cox <kengineering@s...> wrote:
      >If I understand correctly, and remember way back when I used to play
      >with those bigger model airplane engines, that knurling was only
      >about .010 deep. If it was me, I would just cut two lines side by
      >side with a vee shaped tool, very close together with a rotary table,
      >so that they make a sharp line or crest, at every 10 or 15 degrees. I
      >assume that you haven't mounted the surface onto the crankshaft, so
      >that you can do this sort of thing. If it is mounted already or is
      >one piece with the crankshaft, then your options are less open, but
      >all the same, you could just mount it in a lathe chuck and, using a
      >sharp tool, drag lines into the face of the part (similar to using a
      >shaper) with the cross-slide.
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