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Week2 winners of Soigeneris 5 year anniversary contest

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  • Jeffrey Birt
    Hello everyone, I m sorry I m posting the winners a bit late. This week s winners are Peter Tucker from Canada and Wongster from Singapore Congratulations to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2012
      Hello everyone,

      I'm sorry I'm posting the winners a bit late. This week's winners are Peter
      Tucker from Canada and Wongster from Singapore

      Congratulations to Peter and Wongster, I sent emails to you with

      Instructions for entering the contest is below.

      I wanted to have this little contest as a way of saying thanks and to give
      back to the DIY CNC community; I feel fortunate to be able to start and keep
      a small business running in an economic downturn and good fortune should be
      shared. It is also Christmas time so it seemed like a fun idea and running
      it for four weeks with two winners a week allowed more folks a chance to
      win. This past week I got a lot of guff from one list moderator and thought
      about calling off the whole thing off. My goal is not to annoy anyone. If
      you find the whole idea of this contest annoying then please let me know at
      the email address below.

      We are nearing our five year anniversary and it is the holiday season so
      what better time to celebrate and give some stuff away! To help celebrate we
      will be holding a contest during the month of December 2012. Entering is
      easy and no purchase is necessary.

      For the month of December 2012 we will be holding a drawing each week and
      giving away two $50 gift certificates for Soigeneris.com. We will draw two
      names out of a hat on Sunday from all entries the previous week (so we will
      draw on December 9, 16, 23, and 30).

      Entering is easy. Go to http://www.soigeneris.com and take note of one of
      the items that are displayed on the front page. Then send an email to
      birt_j@... <mailto:birt_j%40soigeneris.com> and tell me the name
      of one of the items you saw displayed on the front page. In the subject line
      please include the word 'Contest' (this will automatically sort the email
      into the correct folder) and include your full name and address. I will not
      be divulging, in any way, your personal information to anyone. The reason
      I'm asking for this information to verify that a real person, not a computer
      program, is sending in the entry. One entry per person per week is allowed
      and you may only win once. Pass the word around to your friends. Everyone is
      welcome to enter.

      Please nobody try to spam me with multiple entries. I want this to remain
      fun and fair for everyone.

      Good luck to everyone!

      Jeff Birt

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