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Re: ARRRRRgghhhh! Mill Tramming/Alignement

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  • Bruce
    All right. I m on the list for two! It ll be easy to shim between the riser and mount plate for front/back nod and the strength/integrity remains of the whole
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      All right. I'm on the list for two!
      It'll be easy to shim between the riser and mount plate for front/back nod and the strength/integrity remains of the whole riser block assembly I would think....

      I could visualize the riser sliding all over the place if that key had to be removed. A2Z added a 2nd lockdown SHCS on the other side of the riser to tighten the riser down. The new adjuster plate will lock the riser down now, so the key can be removed.
      Thanks Tim.


      --- In SherlineCNC@yahoogroups.com, "Ken Condal" <kencondal@...> wrote:
      > Tim,
      > The new Angle Adjuster looks like a very elegant solution for correcting
      > left/right tilt. Won't there still be a need to correct front/back nod or am
      > I missing something?
      > Thanks,
      > Ken
      > _____
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      > Subject: [SherlineCNC] Re: ARRRRRgghhhh! Mill Tramming/Alignement
      > Our recommended sequence is:
      > First, get the column so it is square to the table. We recommend shims under
      > the column as this adjustment is subject to lots of force and shims don't
      > come out of adjustment.
      > Basic process:
      > Put a square on the table and move the Z saddle up and down the length of
      > it's travel. If it is not staying the exact same distance from the edge of
      > the square, then you shim the column to adjust.
      > The best material for the shims is brass shim stock. Many (most) model
      > airplane hobby stores carry a brass shim pack by K&S Metals that gives you a
      > range of thicknesses in 4" x 8" or so sheets. Large machine tool supply
      > houses like MSC offer shim stock packs in larger sheets. It is really a must
      > have in any shop.
      > The shim goes between the bottom of the column base and the top of the Y
      > base. Loosen the screws attaching the column to the base, slide in the ship,
      > tighten the screws. Now check again. Repeat as needed. Once you put in a
      > known thickness shim on the first try, you will now know how much a given
      > shim thickness will move the column and you should be able to nail it by the
      > second try.
      > Now you want to align the spindle centerline to be perpendicular to the
      > table. This is where you either sweep an indicator that is mounted in the
      > spindle or use your fly cutter. You can rotate the head by removing the key
      > stock that locks it in place. To make this easier, we have introduced our
      > new HSRS1AA Angle Adjuster for Sherline. It is fitted to the headstock
      > spacer and can be retrofitted on either our 2.2" headstock spacer or onto a
      > factory Sherline 1" headstock spacer. So it can help with any Sherline mill.
      > The HSRS1AA Angle Adjuster is used without the keyway stock in place. It has
      > 2 oval point set screws that allow you to easily and accurately fine tune
      > the alignment of the headstock relative to the column. It uses (3) 10-32
      > tapped holes on the headstock spacer to mount it. So quite easy to retrofit.
      > Going forward, all our 2.2" headstock spacers will ship with the angle
      > adjuster included.
      > You can see a rendering of it on a headstock spacer at:
      > www.a2zcorp.us/LiteratureFiles/Sherline2_2HeadstockRiseComplete.pdf
      > You can see the hole pattern needed on the headstock spacer at:
      > www.a2zcorp.us/LiteratureFiles/HSRS1AA_HeadstockRiser_AdjusterMountHoleDrawi
      > ng.pdf
      > If those links are not working, just go to:
      > www.A2ZCorp.us and click on the Product Literature button and look for the
      > angle adjuster.
      > The angle adjusters are in stock and ready to ship. They will be on a 1 week
      > coupon sale that will be going out to our e-mail list on Feb 9 or 10. If you
      > are not on the list you can sign up at:
      > www.a2zcorp.us/Newslettersignup.asp
      > Thanks,
      > Tim Goldstein
      > A2Z Corp
      > A2Z CNC division
      > 3955 S Mariposa St
      > Englewood CO 80110
      > 720 833-9300
      > Toll Free 877 754-7465
      > www.A2ZCorp.us/store
      > USA made accessories for desktop mills & lathes.
      > Specialized No Mar tools for the jewelry industry.
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