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RE: [SherlineCNC] Re: Sherline lathe connections to PC

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  • Garry Silcock
    Hi Jan, there is ample help and free software if you want to use Linux OS. Linux OS plus Ubuntu (same as- XP OS and Mach3 ) is free as well as the setup
    Message 1 of 50 , Sep 8, 2009
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      Hi Jan, there is ample help and free software if you want to use Linux OS. Linux OS plus "Ubuntu"(same as- XP OS and "Mach3") is free as well as the setup utility. Start searching Linuxcnc. If I remember right, Ubuntu controls up to 9 axis's together. The code is open source so you don't have to learn how to be a programmer. I like my XP OS so will probably purchase KCam. As long as you know the pinouts of the driver board(s) you have, KCam has a great built-in setup utility to set up the ltp1 port. and no, I am not getting anything for passing this info along..hehehe
      Regards, Garry

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      Subject: RE: [SherlineCNC] Re: Sherline lathe connections to PC
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      You have two possible solutions to your problem:

      One: Become an expert of the lowest level code in your PC, Since this is
      not normally taught or for which there is very little (readable)
      documentation, this might be a number of years project.

      Two: Surrender and use Mach3 or EMC to drive your gizmos.

      As an ex IT manager (retired) I jumped for joy when I could drop the old
      Win98 for the newer version. Which incidentally is not an up grade of the
      old Win98, but a upgrade of the old Win NT which has different internal code
      the Win98. As she says 'Toto we can't go home again'. Or something like

      Dennis in Houston

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      > On the other hand, most CNC drivers take 2 pins from the parallel port, a
      > step pulse and a direction toggle. If you can figure out which pins on
      > interface control the X and Z axes on the lathe you probably can use a
      > parallel port. You just won't be able to use a store-bought cable. You'll
      > to make one, or cut wires on a commercial cable to keep from blowing
      > fuses.<<
      > Dunno how all this store-bought CNC applications (Mach 3 and all that)
      > alter the LPT-1's behaviour, but I learned that Win 98 was the LAST
      > operating-system that would allow DOS operation of LPT-1! One has to
      > and
      > install NON-Win.98 or later op-sys to make the LPT-1 function same way it
      > with -98 and -95 (or earlier). I can't get ANY info on this problem,
      > apparently, as all the "software houses" simply want to SELL CNC
      > My DOS/GWBASIC home-brew apps. worked FINE in Win.98 (and earlier) PC's.
      > Why? What do I do? Jan Rowland
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    • Doug Rundell
      Yeah, what he said. Doug Rundell Billy Bob s Beer, Bait & Tackle 1339 Creekside Ln. Newberg, Oregon 97132 Ph 503-554-0824
      Message 50 of 50 , Sep 10, 2009
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        Yeah, what he said.

        Doug Rundell
        Billy Bob's Beer, Bait & Tackle
        1339 Creekside Ln.
        Newberg, Oregon 97132
        Ph 503-554-0824
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        From: Phil@Yahoo<mailto:Phil@Yahoo>
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        Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2009 10:36 AM
        Subject: [SherlineCNC] BD25 vs Centronics vs DB9 vs DE9 etc.

        I guess making a casual comment here is like making a camp file in a dry
        cane field. I suppose my comment may have been ill-advised without knowing
        when the Mechatronics box was made. I assumed that CNC didn't become a hobby
        for a significant number of people until personal computers became cheap
        enough to be widely used by average consumers, and that the box was made for
        CNC hobby use, since it was a newby who asked the original question.

        IF my assumptions were correct, then I stand by my assessment, that it was
        foolish to design that connector into that application where it would be
        likely mistaken for a PC parallel port device. On the other hand, I
        certainly can understand wanting to save cost on the design, and if anyone
        makes the wrong assumptions, tough tacos for them. By then the thing
        probably isn't making money for the developer anyway.

        As for the proper names of the various connectors, at the risk of getting
        myself banned, this group sounds like a bunch of pedantic English professors
        debating the proper way to pronounce "either tomato or potato." While I
        personally find some of the historical trivia somewhat interesting, I
        suspect many users find it not terribly relevant. I know there have been
        many times (actually every time now that I think about it) when I have
        attempted to search the group archives for information, but have been unable
        to find what I was looking for because of the large volume of debate posting
        such as this.

        Far be it from me to discourage debate. I love debate, much to the chagrin
        of most of my family and friends. But I had the impression that was not the
        purpose of this group. More than once I have seen debaters smacked down.
        Maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe it depends on who is doing the debating.

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