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19295Re: [SherlineCNC] Backlash Knurl Pitch

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  • Andy M
    Aug 30, 2014
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      GDay 'rhys,

      The leadscrews have a pitch of Metric = 6mmx1.0mm or Inch = 1/4-20.

      But you should note that depending on the axis, they will either be LH
      or RH threads.

      Also, if we are talking about the mill, the Z-Axis leadscrew in Metric
      is 10mmx1.0mm or 3/8-20.

      Andy M

      'Rhys Fastiggi' rhys1@... [SherlineCNC] wrote:
      > Does anyone know which Knurl wheel Sherline uses for the anti backlash
      > adjustment nuts?
      > Thanks
      > Rhys
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