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  • Ron Ginger
    Nov 10, 2013
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      Ok, that is what I remembered. The smaller box on top in your photo is
      the serial controlller- note it has a db25 connector labeled 'motor
      signals' The large black box contains the motor drives.

      So you could just remove the signal box and wire directly from a
      parallel port to a breakout board then to the motor box, if you can
      figure out the pin numbers used in the db25 connector. That shouldn't be
      to hard if you understand basic electronics.

      BUT, and this is a big but, when you figured it all out you would have a
      very old set of drivers. They should work, but they are likely going to
      be real slow. Stepper drivers and motors have made a LOT of progress in
      the past 10 years. New drivers will be significantly better performance.
      The box you referred to on ebay looks like the one by Keling, and it is
      excellent- I used 22 of them in 2 classes I ran to convert CNC mills.

      The motors you have appear to be the new hybrid form, so they should be

      If it were mine I would buy the box you see on ebay and eliminate both
      flashcut boxes. And of course, use Mach :)

      ron ginger

      Posted by:bogie286@... bogie286
      > Date: Sat Nov 9, 2013 11:09 am ((PST))
      > Thanks Ron!
      > I posted several pix in a folder called "Bill's antiquated CNC system". The Flashcut R2.1 system I have uses an RS232 serial port which as you mentioned was subsequently changed to a USB connection. Flashcut has a trade up policy in places which will allow me to send in my old serial box and they will send a new USB box and the latest R4 software for ~$650. After doing some research, it would appear that for almost the same price, I could upgrade to Mach 3 with a Gecko G540 4 axis drive and power supply. See:
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