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  • danieltbarber
    Nov 7 6:44 AM
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      I assembled and used two 4-axis HobbyCNC controllers for several years.  The version I used was a predecessor to the current is Pro kit. They were easy to assemble and performed adequately. They use through hole components, which makes them easy to repair and Dave sells replacement parts for reasonable prices.  I thought that they were a good value.  Eventually, I migrated to using Gecko's G540 controllers and was amazed at the improved performance. 

      I have no affiliation with either firm and no complaints with either.  However, I have probably spent about $500 on "good value" controllers, including HobbyCNC and Xylotex.  I would be dollars ahead if I had just bit the bullet up front and bought a better designed controller, such as the G540. 

      Dave operates a HobbyCNC users group on Yahoo where you can get support. Before you decide to buy, I suggest that you checkout the HobbyCNC user group and review the types of questions/problems users are discussing. 


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      Thanks for all the information guys.What does everyone think about the hobbycnc pro chopper kit?Paul
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