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18972RE: [SherlineCNC] Another new addict - CNC controllers

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  • morerust
    Nov 6, 2013


      Full disclosure - I represent www.PMDX.com

      Another option to consider is the new PMDX-340 controller.

      It sells for $387.00 ready to use out of the box.

      It works great with small machines like the Sherline and accepts

      commands from Mach3 using the parallel port or a SmoothStepper.

      It is bulletproof. Shorts and unplugging motors while power is on

      will not kill it. Connections are pluggable terminal strips with

      screw terminals.

      If you use Sherline's prewired unipolar motors, you will need to

      remove the shared center tap connection in the plug. This is

      also true for all bipolar drivers including Gecko.

      The Fall 2013 issue of Digital Machinist has an article in the

      Mechatronist column about converting a Micro Mill using the


      Full details here: http://www.PMDX.com/PMDX-340

      Steve Stallings

      ---In SherlineCNC@yahoogroups.com, <trumpy81@...> wrote:

      GDay paulzox,

      Paul, by far the easiest and most cost effective way to build a
      controller is to start with the Gecko G540. It's a 4 axis controller
      that has many nice features and a lot of people have tried to destroy
      them but have failed ... lol

      In other words they are bullet proof and will drive a set of steppers on
      your Sherline mill until the cows come home ... lol

      All you need then is a few switches, fuses, wiring and stuff and before
      you know it you will have a complete controller.

      There are kits available which contain most of what you need from places
      such as Homann Designs, Soigeneris, CNC4PC and so on, along with lots of
      nice goodies to go with them.

      Aside from that you will need the CNC conversion kit from Sherline. This
      includes stepper mounts, leadscrews, anti-backlash nuts and the like
      which will turn your Sherline into a new machine :)

      There are alternatives and upgrades available from A2Z CNC but they can
      get pretty expensive, but worth the money if you need them.

      For Software you will need Mach3 for the controller and some type of
      CAD/CAM program. Cambam, Dolphin Partmaster, BobCAD and many many others
      are available and they range from affordable to daylight robbery in price :)

      If you need more specific info just holler!

      Andy M

      paulzox@... wrote:
      > Hello all I'm Paul and I am addicted to machining... Lol! New to the
      > forum and interested in converting my 2000 mill to CNC and I'm looking
      > for info. I am not against building my own controller as long as I can
      > get some plans or does anyone know of a good one to start with? 4 Axis Paul
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