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15912Re: [SherlineCNC] Build a CNC mini mill at the CNC workshop

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  • Jim Un
    Mar 1, 2011
      Seems like a great idea. Where will workshop be held and how much will the machine cost?


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      Subject: [SherlineCNC] Build a CNC mini mill at the CNC workshop
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      Date: Tuesday, March 1, 2011, 1:56 AM


      Ok, the details are mostly worked out and the official announcement is

      on the HomeShop Machinist web site, see


      The short version is that we have made a group purchase deal with Little

      Machine Shop for 10 of their new high torque mini mills, and with

      CNCfusion for their ballscrew conversion kits. We also have all the

      electronics, stepper motors, smoothstepper, gecko540 etc and the Mach3


      We have limited it to 10 students, and at least 3 are already signed up.

      You will get the entire kit of parts, registration at the CNC workshop

      for all 4 days and all events, for less than the street price of the

      parts. You will only pay for shipping from the workshop to your home-

      free if you drive to the workshop and take it home with you.

      We will have a formal class each day to work on the machine, then you

      will have time to attend any of the seminars, or visit the exhibits. By

      the last day your machine will be running, tested, and ready to make parts.

      Brian Barker will lead the day on installing and running Mach, so you

      may even be able to get his autograph :-)

      For all the details see the HomeShop web site. There is reasonable

      housing, even dorm rooms.

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