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  • Alan Marconett KM6VV
    May 20, 2003
      Hi to the list,

      It seems Yahoo has automatically signed up members, rather then just
      OFFERING to sign them up (as I thought I was doing)! My apologies if
      you're not interested in this new group.

      I'm hoping to get together people who want to run CNC on their Sherline
      mill or lathe.

      Currently, I run CNC on my Sherline mill, and have just ordered a
      lathe. I've been testing my own CNC controller program, STEP4. I've
      also ran TurboCNC, and MaxNC.

      I run Vector CAD/CAM, and hope to exchange files in this format (as well
      as CNC).

      My main projects (other then getting CNC on a lathe next) is designing
      and building Steam engines. I'd like to hear about ANY CNC projects.

      Hope you can participate!

      Best regards,

      Alan Marconett KM6VV
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