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Yearling ram for sale from milky ewes central Arizona

I don't know if anyone else is milking their hair sheep, but I do. I have a yearling ram out of a St Croix cross ewe, and a Katahdin ram. His mama is quite
Oct 20, 2015

Re: [Shedders_Sheep_Group] New website for constructive criticism

G'day Collin, I'm glad to see You and Susan are doing well. That is a very nice website, and your Dorpers look better than ever. Your right there isn't much
Sep 11, 2015

New website for constructive criticism

G'day Everyone, I don't see much activity on this medium these days, perhaps people are using the alternative "social media" things that I don't, personally,
Sep 10, 2015

Re: [Shedders_Sheep_Group] Books for sale

Hi, interested in How to be your own veterinarian book if still available, Thanks Dorothy Waner Chandler Ok Sent from Windows Mail From:
Dottie Waner
May 20, 2015

Books for sale

Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep plus Raising Sheep the Modern Way - sold together $15 including shipping Managing Your Ewe by Laura Lawson $20 including
May 20, 2015

St Croix hair sheep Ram for sale

This St Croix Ram won the 2012 State Fair Grand Champion as a lamb. St Croix sheep are highly desired for upgrading flocks. They are very parasite resistant
Apr 12, 2015

Udderly Eze for sale

I have a shepherd friend who is downsizing her flock. She has a used-once Udderly Eze with two extra extraction tubes (size #1 and#2) still in the
Feb 19, 2015

Re: guardian dog questions

That's true. Mine don't allow anything in with the livestock but I do want them to leave any animal that lives here alone. From babies I don't allow them to
Jan 26, 2015

Re: guardian dog questions

On 01/25/2015 01:54 PM, 'Brenda' ... It could be guarding style?? But the reason we went with maremma was due to the fact that the breed had a reputation for
Nina Cipriani
Jan 25, 2015

Re: guardian dog questions

I'm glad you have been lucky enough to a breed that doesn't leave but most stories I have heard from people that had GP, and many other different breeds all
Jan 25, 2015

Re: guardian dog questions

On 01/24/2015 09:46 AM, 'Brenda' painted@... [Shedders_Sheep_Group] wrote: They all no matter what breed of ... I must respectfully disagree (with
Nina Cipriani
Jan 24, 2015

Re: guardian dog questions

First thing I would do is put her in a smaller fenced area that she can not get out of to teach her respect for a fence. May even have to put her in a 10 x 10
Jan 24, 2015

Re: guardian dog questions

I breed maremma sheepdogs and what I have found is that they tend to bond tightly with their own farm. They are territorial and have never in over 10 years
Nina Cipriani
Jan 24, 2015

Re: [Shedders_Sheep_Group] guardian dog questions

Good Morning Karen, It's going to be hard to tell until you try. One thing my Grand Dad always said about kids and it's true with dogs, "One Boy Good Boy, Two
Jan 24, 2015

Re: guardian dog questions

Karen, tough questions regarding this girl. We have night and day predation by coyotes here. You have been fortunate if you have not had daytime losses. But
Jan 23, 2015
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