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How does one rebuild a life [part four]

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    Pete Gallagher was dreaming.- Remembering It was the summer of 1950 and he was a rookie Highway Patrol officer. His partner Sam Jones and him were on a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2002
      Pete Gallagher was dreaming.- Remembering

      It was the summer of 1950 and he was a rookie Highway Patrol officer.

      His partner Sam Jones and him were on a routine patrol when they
      got a call of a gunfight being closest to the location they were to
      go in cautiously and others would be arriving the radio dispatcher
      told them.

      Jones an experienced officer knew where the gunfight was taking
      place the old Koresh ranch not far from where the two men had been
      driving along enjoying the fresh air and talking about baseball.

      It seemed to Gallagher that withen seconds they were pulling into
      the drive way of a rather old and rundown ranch one that had once
      thrived but was on its last legs now.

      As they approached they could see several cars and many men. Some
      of them in suits and packing pistols or rifles. Shots were fired at
      them and Sam pulled back a bit found a safe parking spot and the two
      of them lept out with pistols drawn. Pete grabbed their shotgun to.

      Shots were excahnged whoever these men were they were hardcases and
      hellbent on getting both the people inside the old ranch house and
      the two highwaypatrol men.

      "I think I can around those trees over there and maybe get a drop
      on that guy who seems to be giving orders. Get on that radio and see
      where our backup is. Let the office know we are in a war zone."

      Sam made a move for a copse of trees and went down in a hail of hot
      lead. Pete fired towards the badguys but wasn't able to hit anyone.
      Then someone was coming up behind him,as he reloaded. Pete turned
      to see a young thin man in a blue suit aiming a machine gun at him,
      Pete tried to close his pistol so he could fire it when the youngman
      went down with an arrow in his shooting arm. Pete swiftly made it to
      the injured man and grabbed his machine gun, just as he saw an
      amazing sight.

      A man wearing a costume, riding a golden stallion was riding
      towards the fray dispatching arrows with the speed of a master archer
      "Son of a bitch! He's for real!"

      The Golden Arrow had arrived and made short work on the criminals.

      Then while he checked on his partner Pete called to the house.
      Whoever was in there was reluctant to come out which was

      However the fact that no one was shooting at them and the police
      were on hand relaxed the situation.

      Golden Arrow lept off of his horse by Pete and pulled some medical
      supplies out of a saddlebag.

      "Not much but these should stop the bleeding." He said handling Pete
      some strips of cloth ." and a small bottle of whiskey "For the pain.
      Thank God he's alive."

      Pete nodded his thanks underneath that hooded mask the guy seemed
      to be allright.

      Out of the farm house came a tall handsome man also wearing a suit,
      but a less expensive one. "Agent Tom Parker F.B.I." He said showing
      his badge "I got two injured inside, how soon is help coming?"

      Pete looked to the sky a moment and said "Momentarily I suspect.
      Officer Gallagher Highway Patrol what the hell was going on here?"

      Agent Parker paused a bit to light a ciggerette, and offered one to
      Pete who accepted and G.A. who waved it away/

      "Witness protection program. I have two members of the Caprizzini
      mob and their families. These pieces of garbage you guys took out are
      from the same mob trying to keep them from going to court. We thought
      we had a safe spot but someone musta seen us or talked.'"

      Pete woke up just as in his memories sirens could be heard.
      The next three years would see him and Golden Arrow become friends,
      and G.A. even shared his wecret identity with him then the Arrow up
      and dissapeared while investigating gunrunners.
      For years Pete had been convinced his friends bones lay bleached in
      the sun or buried under dirt somewhere in the vastness that was the
      west. Now that very man who had saved his and Sam's life was still
      looking like he did when Pete first saw him without the mask while
      Pete sure had changed from ahealthy vital police officer to a man
      who was getting old and restless over being retired and sick of
      seeing the country take a step forward then two back.

      Looking in the direction of the living room where Pete could hear
      the television Pete said to himself "Son I think you came back to one
      hell of a mess, and thank God you did."
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