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Re: [Shazam Earth S Lives on] SOJ: A Bad Place to Visit But I Wouldn't Want to Die There! 11

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  • The Time Trust
    Very interesting. I like the use of the Qwardians in this way.   -- Cheers, Doc Quantum of The Time Trust Read stories of your favorite DC Comics characters
    Message 1 of 34 , Mar 3, 2013
      Very interesting. I like the use of the Qwardians in this way.
      Doc Quantum of The Time Trust

      Read stories of your favorite DC Comics characters at the Five Earths Project!

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      >Subject: [Shazam Earth S Lives on] SOJ: A Bad Place to Visit But I Wouldn't Want to Die There! 11

      >Isis reached the deserted field and noticed the charred ground. She also sensed the potent energies that had so marred it.
      >"Spirits on high take me to my allies nigh!" she said.
      >She frowned as she found herself on a weird world of yellow clouds and acidic sands of dark gold.
      >"By Osirus! What is this place?" she whispered.
      >She found a stark citadel and realized that it was the sole structure on the strange planet.
      >"My magic has drawn me to them. What kind of warlike fortress is that place? Unlike the tomb I sense nothing kind or good within its formidable walls!" she said.
      >Captain Marvel opened his eyes and realized that he was trapped within a complex machine. He could see and hear but his arms and legs were immobilized.
      >Directly across from him he saw Ultra Man. The muscular villain was bound in a machine that was exactly like the one that held Captain Marvel.
      >Ultra Man groaned and opened his eyes even as he lurched forward only to be contained by the weird device.
      >"Are you hurt? I think I know what these machines are designed to do. At least when you've had as many encounters with a certain evil genius and his wild inventions as I have, you get to know how mechanical things work!" he said.
      >Ultra Man said, "Shut up! I can't think with you yapping!"
      >A gaunt bald man stepped into view below the two machines. He smiled and caressed one of the machines.
      >"I am Kimon. I come from Qward. Our world is crowded as evil always seems to flourish and multiply in this cosmos. I once sought to open a portal to Earth 1 and use that planet as a colony to solve our population problem. In attempting to doso, I learned that a special kind of energy called Qwa bolts could open such a portal but it required a much greater power source to keep it open or widen it to the point where such an exodus would be practical! I found such a living battery of power in the being known as Superman! I channeled Qwa bolts through his body and it fueled my machine and in turn opened a portal to Earth 1and paralyzed its population….with one exception. One of the Kryptonian's allies was immune to the energy and he thwarted me."
      >Captain Marvel said, "You want to turn Earth S into a colony! You plan on using me and my fellow prisoner as living batteries like you did with Superman!"
      >Kimon nodded and said, "You are wise! I learned of Earth S through an ally. He told me about you and I attempted to use you and your family as I did with Superman but a strange thing occurred. The Qwa-Bolts didn't paralyze your planet. They turned you into evil versions of your normal selves!"
      >Captain Marvel thought, "Of course! Superman doesn't get his powers from magical lightning as we do. These Qwa bolts must hurt him but they somehow interacted with our normal magical bolts when we said our magic words. The Qwa bolts made us evil like the folks in this dimension!"
      >Ultra Man said, "You bald worm! You think you can turn me into a human dynamo? You want to use my super body as a battery to help you enslave that creep's world? You got a lot of nerve!"
      >Kimon laughed and said, "On the contrary, we plan to use both your bodies as batteries to help us enslave both your planets! Why should we of Qward settle for one puny colony when we may have two Earths to rule?"
      >Captain Marvel said, "What have you done with our friends?"
      >Kimon said, "The young Marvels may be back-up batteries should our procedure end your life. The others are imprisoned as they are of
      >little consequence to us!"
      >He activated the machines and energy surged through both men. The captives struggled but their efforts seemed futile as Kimon's monitors revealed two gaping holes appearing near each planet.
      >"Soon, we may invade both of your worlds and find all the space we need! We will owe you a debt of thanks since it would not have been possible without your help!" he said.
      >Ultra Man snarled, "Gloat while you can, punk! I'll get free! I'll get free and kill you all!"
      >Captain Marvel said nothing but his keen mind was already trying to find a solution while his body fought the painful energy that cascaded through it.
      >Isis had listened in horror. She had to rescue her friends and she knew that it would not be easy to do so.
      >"I will triumph no matter how great the odds!" she vowed.

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    • libbyblawrence
      It is meant to replace Syndicated as the Marvels first encounter with the CS. I do hope to use Mighty Adam. I had no plans for a bad Billy though. I figured
      Message 34 of 34 , Mar 19, 2013
        It is meant to replace Syndicated as the Marvels first encounter with the CS. I do hope to use Mighty Adam. I had no plans for a bad Billy though. I figured to use the evil Shazam though since I figured he ended up at the dawn of time on E-3 when his disembodied form left E-S and he brought a date with him... you might say.

        --- In ShazamEarthSliveson@yahoogroups.com, The Time Trust <the_time_trust_2000@...> wrote:
        > Fascinating. This chapter had some good moments, like Captain Marvel's goading the thick-headed Ultraman into using his power more effectively. Will we see a story featuring Mighty Adam on Earth-3? And if there is a good Mighty Adam there, is there an evil Billy Batson? We've already seen a good version of Dr. Sivana called Dr. Atlanta on Earth-3. I'm curious about your plans there.
        > BTW, is this story meant to replace the unfinished "Syndicated" story? If so, let me know, and I'll remove it from the unfinished stories folder at the writers group.
        > --
        > Cheers,
        > Doc Quantum of The Time Trust
        > Read stories of your favorite DC Comics characters at the Five Earths Project!
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        > >Deadeye said, "Who is this Flintstone wannabe?"
        > >Mary Marvel said, " He is the last of an ancient race that ruled Earth before mankind came along and eliminated his brutal people!"
        > >King Kull said, "Eliminated? How mildly your frail human lips put it. Your kind murdered my people and I have waited eons to pay you back! If I get to smash two Earths at once then all the better for me!"
        > >Kimon dropped to the ground as Jr. released him.
        > >"Shut down the machine! You must know how to do it!"said the young hero.
        > >Kimon said, "No! He has altered it beyond our imagining! You must stop him! The proud Qwardian race must survive!"
        > >King Kull snarled, "You may be worse than the earthlings! You preach hate but you cry like a mewling infant when you face your own mortality!"
        > >Warlock and Isis stepped forward with a reluctant Power Ring.
        > >"Aim our combined might at the machines!" said Warlock.
        > >Magical energies and whispered spells enveloped the huge machine… and did nothing!
        > >"Ho Ha Ho!" roared King Kull.
        > >"You might be more powerful than me but you aren't as cunning! I have built the World Smasher will one unique feature! No one may shut it down but me and I will die before doing so!" he said.
        > >Owlman scowled as he concentrated.
        > >"Blast it! My mental powers can't control him. He is too alien… too inhuman!" he realized.
        > >Warlock said, "I can't destroy it nor can I force Kull to do so! The lamp of the gods can not control one full of such raw hate!"
        > >Isis said, "He resists my magic as well. His hatred and will power make him almost unstoppable as far as any kind of mental persuasion is concerned!"
        > >Mary and Jr. flew at the Beastman. Both of them knew from past battles that while he was mighty in terms of raw muscle, he also could be knocked out with a punch from someone with their kind of strength.
        > >He swung at them with a large hammer he had retrieved from the shadows but the duo dodged easily with the speed of Mercury and connected with twin blows that dropped him to the his knees!
        > >"You may defeat me but I shall still win! The machine can't be stopped by anyone but me!" he said.
        > >Meanwhile, Captain Marvel had never stopped struggling against the machine. He strained with muscles that surpassed those of any other being in the Earth S cosmos!
        > >"I can't stop now! If I say the magic word, I'll change to Billy and I might die but I can't guarantee that that would shut down the machine! I think our sapped powers started it up and it may not even need us to finish its deadly process! I won't give up! Too many good folks are depending on me! People like Jr. and Mary and Mr. Tawny and Cissy and all our other friends! People we saved from one crime or disaster or even from wars or super villains are out there counting on us to keep them safe! I won't let their faith be in vain! "he vowed as he fought against the energy with all his considerable might and wit!
        > >"It's too bad! It's just too bad!" he said loudly as he looked at Ultra Man.
        > >"What's too bad? That we're going to die?" snarled the villain.
        > >"No. It's too bad that Superman is not here! If he was here, he could help me. He's a real hero and he could break free and help me but you're not really to blame. I mean, you can't help it if you're not as strong as he is!" said Captain Marvel!
        > >"After all, how could a copycat like you measure up to the real Man of Steel!" he said.
        > >Ultra Man's eyes narrowed and he screamed with either fury or pain but he began to fight back!
        > >"I'll show you! I'll show you all that I'm better than Superman!" he shouted.
        > >Captain Marvel smiled as his plan worked!
        > >"I figured I could goad him into fighting even harder! Together we can break free!" he thought.
        > >For what seemed like hours the two titans struggled but in minutes, they managed to break free!
        > >Captain Marvel reached out to catch Ultra Man but the villain shoved him back and said, "I did it! I'm better than you or Superman!"
        > >They landed before their respective allies and Captain Marvel heard the fallen King Kull say "You may defeat me but I shall still win! The machine can't be stopped by anyone but me!"
        > >As Mary and Jr. rushed forward to congratulate their partner, Captain Marvel said, "I have an idea but I'll need all of your help. The dimensional portals that are swallowing our two worlds are connected in some extra-dimensional manner. Kull's machine is designed to make them materialized on top of one another! We have can't allow that!"
        > >Ultra Man said, "What do expect us to do? Push the two Earths out of the portals?"
        > >Captain Marvel said, "Exactly! I'm glad you're on board with the plan!"
        > >Ultra Man shrugged and then glanced over at Owlman.
        > >"This punk may be even more of an idealist than Superman!"
        > >Owlman said, "And yet he is right! You can do it, chum! You can stop Earth 3 from entering that portal!"
        > >Ultra Man nodded and said, "Why not? You only die once!"
        > >He flew off with Power Ring and Superwoman following. The three Marvels flew off in the other direction along with Warlock! Before Isis could join them Zoro took hold of her hand and whispered in her ear.
        > >Soon the monitors showed two similar scenes! Ultra Man and Superwoman struggled with a green energy construct created by Power Ring for the express purpose of channeling their super muscle power into reversing the extra-dimensional tug of the portals near Earth 3! The Marvel Family used their own muscles to do the same thing for Earth S via a magically constructed creation of Warlock's lamp of the gods. Amazingly, both teams gradually managed to slow the movement of the worlds!
        > >"Some effect of the machine must do something to keep gravity and atmosphere intact on each planet. I guess King Kull literally wanted to smash them together. He is too brutal to try a more subtle tactic!" mused Warlock as he shielded himself from outer space and watched the Marvels work with his magical creation!
        > >"The mystical hold I placed on Earth S looks like ordinary chains to the mortal eye. I suppose that is fitting since the Marvels are literally fighting with all their power to free our planet!" he mused.
        > >Power Ring had made no such distinction. He had merely created tethers by which Earth 3 could be towed away from the portal. While his ring had made this possible in much the same way as warlock's magic had done, Ken Raynor didn't question how and what the voice in the ring whispered to his soul.
        > >Back on the yellow world where the machines rested, Zoro turned to Isis and said, "I held you back when the others flew off for a good reason. I have a plan!"
        > >Isis listened as Zoro talked. "Something Kull said gave me an idea. Based on what little we've seen of how Earth 3 works, I think it may be possible to save both planets."
        > >As the suave Man of Mystery finished outlining his idea, Isis smiled broadly and said, "You may be right! I will try to locate him now!"
        > >She spoke a series of arcane words and then vanished from view!
        > >"Hey if that leggy Cleopatra look a like is splitting then I want out too!" said Deadeye.
        > >Owlman said, "Shut up, Queen. I picked up on enough of her thoughts to realize she might be out best hope! Do not interfere with your self-serving cowardice!"
        > >As Silk Canary caressed her lover, he silently vowed once more to kill Owlman if they survived this crisis!
        > >Meanwhile, Isis found herself walking almost daintily through what appeared to be a massive hourglass!
        > >As sands rushed over her lithe form, she emerged in the distant past of Earth 3 where she found evidence of primitive life forms and a strange obelisk!
        > >"This reminds me of the pyramid I unearthed in the present but now at the dawn of human existence on Earth 3, I've found the home of the one being that might shut off Kull's infernal device!" she said.
        > >A tall, handsome being emerged from the mystical structure and smiled warmly at Isis! He was powerful yet clearly benign and his sensitive eyes radiated intelligence.
        > >"You are Earth 3's version of King Kull but you are good where he is evil!" she declared.
        > >He said, "I do not know of this Kull but I do try to protect and serve the young race that has sprung up on this dark world! I am King Conn."
        > >Isis said, "If you truly seek to protect this planet as I sense you do, you will come with me now through the ages to where an evil counterpart of yours seeks to destroy all creation!"
        > >King Conn said, "My race was known as the Immortals but in truth all of them died and I alone remain to act as a mentor to mankind! I will do anything to protect this world!"
        > >Moments later, as the other heroes managed to force their Earths back out of the warping portals, King Conn and Isis materialized before the infernal machine!
        > >Silk Canary gasped, "Hey, he's a good looking version of that caveman!"
        > >Owlman nodded at Zoro in approval..
        > >"You were right to think that our Earth might indeed have once had a good version of the Beastman. You are a worthy foe!" he said.
        > >Zoro said nothing. He thought, "It's too bad this Owlman can't defy the nature of this warped universe and become a hero. I think he has what it takes to succeed!"
        > >King Kull staggered to his feet as he gazed in abject horror at his worst nightmare made real: a human loving member of his lost race!
        > >"You may be of my race but you sicken me with your clearly good intentions!" he cried.
        > >King Conn said, "I recognize the design of this device. It does come from a science not unlike that that belonged to my fallen people. I may stop it and return all to normal but it will take a sacrifice!"
        > >Isis said, "Tell us what you need!"
        > >King Conn smiled briefly and walked directly into the midst of the crackling energy field that filled the space between the two sides of the machines. Gripping each side with both palms, he pulled open certain hidden panels and was engulfed in raw energy!
        > >"Osirus shield him!" cried Isis.
        > >King Kull cursed as his machine groaned to a final stop and then he smiled broadly as King Conn's dying form fell to the ground.
        > >"Good! That dolt gave his life. That is some comfort!" he sniggered!
        > >Indeed, as Isis bent over the fallen Immortal King Conn looked up at her and said, "You enabled me to save Earth. This was indeed a good death!"
        > >Isis realized he was beyond the help of even Warlock's magic and she held his hand and looked down at him with a tender expression.
        > >King Conn said, "Do not grieve for me. I go to join my lost race. While being plucked from the dawn of time prevented me from influencing the history of Earth for good I may yet play one final role in attempting to guard it. I use my final power to revive the restore a champion who will embody my cause after I am no more!"
        > >He closed his eyes and died as Isis wept softly.
        > >"He has restored both worlds to their rightful places! He also destroyed the machine. It may not be used again!"
        > >Captain Marvel said, "Then, all we have to do now is take the Crime Syndicate to jail!"
        > >Power Ring obeyed the ring's silent whispers and generated a brilliant burst of energy that transported each group back to their native planet!
        > >"How'd you do that?" demanded Deadeye as he and his fellow felons found themselves back in the park on Earth 3.
        > >Power Ring said, "The ring told me to tap into the remnants of the machine's energies. It got us home and sent the others back to their Earth. Best of all, there's not enough energy to let them cross over to here again! Don't you see? Things can get back to normal again!"
        > >As Owlman and Deadeye glared at one another, it was Ultra Man who broke the silence.
        > >"Are you crazy? Forget about Captain Marvel and his pals. It's the Qwardians I want! They tried to kill us. They dared use me like some battery. I don't care if you are with me or not, I declare war on those bald creeps! I'm going to destroy Qward or die trying!"
        > >Back on Earth S, the Squadron of Justice stood on their native soil and accepted the fact that they could not return to Earth 3 to bring the villains to justice.
        > >Captain Marvel said, "You know I like to think that just like Isis found a good version of King Kull, there may be other heroic types there to stop the villains as well!"
        > >Isis nodded and she suddenly recalled the pyramid that she had unearthed and Conn's final words about reviving a champion for that darkened Earth!
        > >She smiled gently and said, "May it be so!"
        > >Epilogue
        > >Back in the deserts of Earth 3, a majestic figure in white and gold opened his eyes and sat up within the pyramid. He looked around and his gaze fell upon an engraving that decorated one interior wall.
        > >"The Mighty Adam shall live once more in a distant era when his powers are needed!"
        > >He read the carving and smiled.
        > >"So be it! " he said as his words unknowingly echoed those of Isis'!
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