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Zing, Queen of Quick: Las Vegas Card Shark

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  • ddswanson
    Sheeeeee s back! Here s a recap of her story so far. Zing was run out of Chicago by the CPD s new Super Villain Apprehension Team and Chicago s resident
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      Sheeeeee's back! Here's a recap of her story so far. Zing was run out of Chicago by the CPD's new Super Villain Apprehension Team and Chicago's resident heroes and since then she's been on the road, heading for Las Vegas, with $2 million in her suitcases. She's had a couple of adventures, most recently her car broke down and she started to fall for the mechanic, who turned out to be a super hero. So she's back on the road again.


      Zing, Queen of Quick: Las Vegas Card Shark

      Aleny had originally planned to stop in Denver, but instead she decided to drive straight through to Las Vegas. It seemed as if every time she stopped, for whatever reason, she had an 'adventure', and losing her heart in Benington had put her off of adventuring for a while.

      'I really wish Wayland hadn't fixed the scratches in the car' she thought petulantly as she drove. 'It was nice of him to fix the trunk lock, but now I've got to worry about someone stealing the car!' She couldn't believe her bad luck, falling for the only superhero in the Southwestern US. 'I can't believe he kept it secret from me! When did he think he was going to tell me, anyway?' She was working up her anger to counteract her sadness; she didn't even see the irony of the secret she was keeping from Wayland. Or maybe she just ignored it…

      To keep her mind off Wayland, she pondered an unusual aspect of her powers the she'd never really paid attention to before. When she concentrated and speeded up her reaction time, or 'slowed time' around her, as she called it, the world looked and sounded different to her. All sounds became lower-pitched and more drawn out and every color shifted down the spectrum; violet to blue to green to yellow to orange to red to black… and she had started to notice a new color, that would show up overlaying other colors, an intense white slightly tinged with pale blue or pale violet. Many objects had patterns on them in this new color, patterns that were invisible when her reactions were normal.

      As an engineer, she understood the Doppler effect on sounds, and figured there must be a similar effect for light. She wondered; if she could run fast enough, would she start seeing by x-rays?

      A few miles outside of Las Vegas, she stopped and dropped 80 large into her purse. When she got into town, she drove around until she found an expensive looking clothing store. She walked in, and went up to the counter.

      "I just won big at one of the casinos!" she excitedly told the manager. "I've always dreamed of shopping in a store like this. Dress me in the best you've got, and don't worry about the cost."

      The manager called in a tailor and a couple of hours and about $5000 later, Miss Lee Han of Chicago was dressed from the skin out in the most expensive clothes the store had to offer, custom fit just for her. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a stunning black strappy satin dress, daringly short, low in front and back, with pleats at the bust. As well, she had on silk stockings, shiny black heels and carried a new purse, all top of the line.

      "I look like that girl in that new spy movie, Royal Casino, I think it's called!" she exclaimed in glee. "This is wonderful; I've never worn anything so beautiful! Still, I wont mind getting used to it."

      "The tailor will be finished with the rest of your things tomorrow afternoon, madam," the manager told her respectfully. Miss Han had paid cash, and even at this exclusive store, they didn't get purchases this size very often. Most women brought their most glamorous outfits with them to Vegas, and usually only purchased a couple things before they used up their money, certainly never a whole new wardrobe. "Should we have them delivered to your hotel?"

      Miss Han thought fast. "You know, I think I'm going to change hotels as well. As long as I can afford it, I might as well go with the best!" she replied, giggling. "What's the best hotel in town?"

      "Other people might tell you different, but I recommend the Pantheon," the manager said, and several of the sales people agreed.

      "OK, give me two hours, to check out and check in, and I'll give you a call. Thanks!" And with that, Miss Lee Han of Chicago headed for the Pantheon Hotel.
    • Drivtaan
      I m playing catch up again (and, man, do I have a lot of catching up to do). I have really enjoyed the exploits of Zing in Vegas and I have to ask, have I
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        I'm playing catch up again (and, man, do I have a lot of catching up to do). I have really enjoyed the exploits of Zing in Vegas and I have to ask, have I missed the next chapter?
        I can't wait to see what happens next.

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