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Super Sisters of the Caribbean - 10

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  • Dan Swanson
    Kali was still a little dazed from the magical explosion earlier, and now from the up close and personal interview with an actual Goddess, and one of the
    Message 1 of 68 , May 1, 2009
      Kali was still a little dazed from the magical explosion earlier, and now from the up close and personal interview with an actual Goddess, and one of the beast's tentacles wrapped around her before she even saw it. The beast was drawing her towards its giant shark mouth, lined with hundreds of razor-sharp teeth the size of Christmas trees. She fought, but she couldn't get a grip on the tough slimy flesh to tear her way out.

      On the beach, Lady Victory was quietly, steadily cursing Kali for refusing to follow directions while simultaneously trying to figure out a way to defeat a monster over an eighth of a mile long. "Val, can you pull some magical mystical monster poison from your pouch?"

      Majique was apologetic. "Sorry, I already used it twice today. But I still have the Sword of Glory" she brandished the cutlass she'd earlier pulled from her pouch. "It has the power to hurt that thing." The magic of the pouch gave Val an almost instinctive knowledge of the magical artifacts she pulled from it.

      "Hey! Leader Lady!" Miss Music interrupted with a demand. "I wanna get into this fight, right now!"

      Bonnie sighed. "OK, here's what I want you to do. Jump way up into the air as high as you can, then create a roar like a rocket under your feet. If you can make it loud enough, the sound waves ought to lift you like a missile."

      "WOW! You really think so? Rocketgirl to the Rescue!" Palette and Majique hastily put their hands to their ears and Lady Victory hurriedly turned down the gain on her helmet's hearing system. Tammi leaped as high as she could, and unleashed a roar like standing next to a 707 getting ready to taxi, but only for the short instant it took for her to fall sprawling to the sand.

      Bonnie turned to Majique as if nothing had happened. "Tell me about the Sword of Glory." Lady Victory suggested.

      "Anamaria and her pirates stole the Sword of Glory from a Spanish treasure ship, and they were taking it to the Haliphron when Gr'Bash attacked and destroyed the Black Lusca. Anamaria went down with the ship, cursing the monster with her dying breath. Her first mate, Nigel Blackheart, managed to draw the Sword of Glory before he was swallowed whole by the Goddess. Nigel cut his way out of her stomach and stabbed the Sword of Glory through her heart. The human magic of the Sword wasn't powerful enough to kill a Goddess, but it did put Gr'Bash into a coma, as the Haliphron had planned. Poor Nigel died when Gr'Bash sank to the sea bottom. Unfortunately, when I asked for a magical weapon to fight the skeletons earlier, the pouch pulled the Sword of Glory from Gr`Bash`s heart – releasing her from the coma."

      "Any other big, bright ideas, Miss Smarty Pants?" Tammi interrupted. "That one was nothing but a big flop!"

      "Jump into the water and point your arms over your head, then make a really loud motor sound behind you. The noise ought to push you through the water like a jet boat!" Lady Victory suggested.

      "Boyoboy! The Human Torpedo to the Rescue!" As Tammi ran enthusiastically down the beach to the water, Majique snickered.

      "You shouldn't tease her like that" Palette chided her red, white and blue-clad leader. "She's going to get mad. It's not fun when she's mad…"

      "If she leaves me alone for a few seconds, I`m working on an idea." Lady Victory mused. She made a mental note never to trust Majique's pouch again – it had certainly solved the problem of the skeletons, but she would rather face a thousand flimsy undead skeletons than one angry giant Lusca, who also seemed to be a Goddess to the Haliphron – whoever they were. "Alex, can your power fool that monster into seeing something that isn't there, by projecting right onto her eyes?" Bonnie asked Palette.

      Alex was startled. "I never thought of that. I couldn't hit something as small as a normal eye, but her eyes are as big as trucks. Sure, what do you want her to see?"

      "Still thinking…." She threw a gob of sand at Tammi, who was roaring like a powerboat and had actually managed to move a few feet offshore by this time, to get her attention. "Miss Music, I need you to tell Kali to keep the monster busy for a while, and get Anamaria back here!"

      In the slimy grasp of Gr'Bash's tentacle, Kali started spinning her body at super speed. Almost instantly, the friction generated enough heat to dry the monster's rough skin, and seconds later the beast screamed in pain and threw Kali violently away. As soon as the hero was free of the terrible embrace, she could hear Tammi's voice yelling at her out of the air.

      "Hey, Fire Eyes! The bossy lady has a plan. You have to keep the monster distracted by fighting it for a couple of minutes."

      Kali stopped spinning and hung in the air, swearing violently. "What do you think I'm @#$#@in' doing, playing ^&%*&in' ping pong?"

      "Sorry, honey, I can see you but my super power's not in my ears. I'd really love to hear what you're saying." Tammi's voice said sweetly from the air around her. "I'll bet it'd work good with Alex. Uh oh, you'd better…"

      Kali never heard what she had better do. A fist made of two tentacles wrapped together smashed into her with tremendous force and she tumbled through the air until she crashed into the sea, miles away.

      "Oh, my, I'll bet that hurt!" the air where she'd been spoke to no one in particular. "Off we go, into the wild blue yonder…"

      At the same time, Tammi was also sending her voice to Anamaria. "Hey, Patch, the British Harlot has a plan. She needs your help, though."

      "Shiverrr me soul!" the ghost said to the air. "It bitter be a black-hearrrted plan, ter send ter bloody beast ter Davey Jones fer once and all!" She reversed direction instantly.
    • ddswanson
      In Chapter 13, we are introduced to Coragle, the God of the Frigid Depths of the Haliphron , Gr Bash s ancient and immortal enemy. Coragle is a giant white
      Message 68 of 68 , Sep 29, 2009
        In Chapter 13, we are introduced to "Coragle, the God of the Frigid Depths of the Haliphron", Gr'Bash's ancient and immortal enemy. Coragle is a giant white whale, much larger than any mortal whale.

        It turns out that Coragle has appeared on Earth - S before, back in 1947, although the humans who encountered him at the time didn't know his real name, so they just called him Jumbo. I found this in a description of all of Fawcett's 'villains':


        Jumbo: 1947, Captain Marvel, Jr. v8 no48. Jumbo is an incredibly large white sperm whale and lord of his domain. To the point that he purposely attacks and sinks merchant ships in the area. Captain Marvel, Jr. gets involved in order to rescue the sailors and has to tussle with Jumbo. After defeating Jumbo, Captain Marvel, Jr. uses his "tremendous intellect" that "enables him to decipher the sound vibrations of Jumbo... and translate them into language" to get Jumbo's side of the story. He arranges for the merchant ships whenever in Jumbo's domain to drop food over in tribute to the undersea king.


        I guess Coragle never bothered to tell Cap Jr. his real name...

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