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Times Past, 1964... A Halloween Hullabaloo Part 15

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  • Dan Swanson
    Red Rocket cautiously increased his speed, angling above and to the left of his foe s flight path. He thought that the villain might leave him some nasty
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      Red Rocket cautiously increased his speed, angling above and to the
      left of his foe's flight path. He thought that the villain might leave
      him some nasty surprises, and he was right. Even with his visor
      enhancing his vision, though, he barely saw the cloud of virtually
      transparent floating globes, like an aerial mine field. He radioed a
      position report back to HQ, and kept closing on his quarry.

      In only a few minutes, they were over New Jersey. A few minutes more
      and Red Rocket caught up over the swampy wasteland of the Meadowlands.
      Or, he thought warily, Balefire had reached the spot where he wanted
      to make a stand.

      Balefire gestured and half a dozen green missiles were instantly
      blasting towards Rocket. He moved aside and they changed directions,
      tracking his motion. These missiles didn't register on radar, could
      they be illusions? Rocket couldn't want take the chance. He
      accelerated towards them, climbing to pass above them, then flipped
      over as he continued to climb, so he could watch their reaction. The
      swerved to follow him - much faster than guided missiles he was
      familiar with, but not instantly as illusions might. He climbed
      rapidly until they were all on his tail again, then rolled backwards
      and dove for the ground at high speed.

      Once again the missiles followed slavishly, and Rocket continued to
      accelerate, passing within a few feet of the startled Balefire. The
      result was less than satisfying - no explosion, the missiles just
      vanishedÂ… Rocket slowed his descent, and just before he stopped, he
      heard a loud swishing noise behind him. Before he could turn his head
      he was swatted by a giant green tennis racket! Which drove him down
      and away, and he splashed into the swampy ground, throwing up a geyser
      of mud and dirty water. Even with his force field and the protection
      of the battle suit, he was a little woozy. The water flowing over him
      would hide him - why not take a nap?

      But no, suddenly the water around him was boiling, and he floated up
      to the surface, discovering that Balefire was sweeping the swamp with
      a giant green blowtorch, boiling away vast amounts of water and
      starting fires. Rocket was tired of being on the wrong end of this fight.

      He blasted towards the Pale Pukard at his highest possible
      acceleration, smashing the blowtorch to flinders, then crashing into
      the villain with his armored fists outstretched. Balefire also
      shattered into green shards, which quickly evaporated. Rocket slowed
      to a stunned halt - he had expected the villain to defend himself!
      Then he was hit by green fire from behind, and he spun around to find
      a half dozen Balefires, all armed with giant blowtorches, closing in
      on him.

      "Energy duplicates! This guy is starting to annoy me." he snarled to
      himself. Well, he'd been looking for a chance to test his new rail
      gun, and the other duplicate had been vulnerable to kinetic attack. He
      flicked a switch on his control panel, and the left arm of his armor
      automatically stiffened. A collapsible tube that extended down the top
      of his arm deployed, and a steel round the size of a marble clicked
      into a chamber on his shoulder. He aimed at the first figure and fired
      on full auto.

      Super powerful electromagnets surged in sequence, pulling the round
      through the chamber and accelerating it instantly to bout twice the
      speed of sound.. Before it reached the end of the tube, there were two
      more following it. He swept his arm across the entire energy squad
      and emptied his whole magazine in under 4 seconds, totally shredding
      the green duplicates. And tearing up shrubs bushes and terrain for
      almost a half a mile beyond his targets.

      "I guess I couldn't use this on a human opponent!" he thought
      ruefully. The barrel automatically collapsed and the locking mechanism
      relaxed so he could bend his arm again."

      So where was the real Balefire? Rocket couldn't see the villain and
      he no longer showed up on radar, but Rocket was suspicious after the
      earlier sneak attacks. He quickly scanned the UV and IR spectrums and
      was rewarded when he spotted a veritable star in the NIR floating nearby.

      Using his gravity controller, Rocket amped up gravity beneath
      Balefire, one of his favorite tricks. 5 Gs should smash the villain
      to the ground, a welcome repayment for the tennis racquet trick. But
      Balefire seemed to be partially immune to gravity. He was struggling
      to stay aloft, and started sinking slowly towards the swamp. Finally,
      Rocket was having some success.

      Red Rocket hit him with a sonic blast, ultra-high powered, very low
      frequency noise designed to instantly knock out a human. He wasn't
      surprised that Balefire remained conscious. That green energy made
      him tough! But Red Rocket didn't let up.

      He surged forward at high speed and tackled the dazed villain. He
      wrapped his arms around the Pale Pukard, and activated electromagnets
      in his gloves, insuring his grip. Rocket blasted into the air,
      rolled, and dove into the ground, smashing Balefire beneath him. And
      sighed in relief when the green bubble around Balefire vanished.

      While Balefire was unconscious, Red Rocket disarmed him. The Power
      Band Balefire held tightly in his left hand slipped off easily - and
      the pale greenish yellow glow iit emitted died away.

      Even though he was totally protected by his costume, handling the
      Power Band made Rocket feel ill, so he tried to destroy it with his
      disintegrator. There couldn't be a lot of things that could survive
      the touch of a controlled hydrogen fusion reaction - but the Power
      Band was one of them.

      He removed Balefire's cape, and wrapped the Power Band securely, then
      picked up the still unconscious villain, and headed back to New York.
      The Super Squad could find a safe place for this dangerous weapon.
    • Dan Swanson
      Thanks, buddy, I can always count on you to help! I ve been trying to figure out how the Super Squad can keep them safe; sending them to another universe
      Message 119 of 119 , Mar 12, 2007
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        Thanks, buddy, I can always count on you to help! I've been trying to
        figure out how the Super Squad can keep them safe; sending them to
        another universe sounds like a good solution - who cares what happens
        in that alternate universe?

        I don't think you'd want them. When you put one on, your own
        personality goes in to hiding. If somehow the JLA creep is
        'convinced' to take the item off, you would have no memory of what had
        occurred. What fun would it be to rule the planet, if you weren't
        able to experience it?

        That could make an interesting story though, couldn't it? Charlie
        Brown puts on the Adamant token, does all the evil things necessary to
        become absolute ruler of the world, and then the token runs out of
        power, and Charlie wakes up as the absolute ruler of rhe world - but
        without the powers that got him the job.

        What happens next?


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        > I like the fact that Elastique wasn't voted in unanimously. Good
        writing. Now, if you want to send me the items, I will gladly hold
        them until they can be properly examined. Oh, and this has nothing to
        do with my quest for domination of the multiverse.
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