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Golden Arrow - If this you read....

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    If this you read then I am either dead or some damn fool done transported me in time again and if thats the case I sure hope its far enough into the future it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2003
      If this you read then I am either dead or some damn fool done
      transported me in time again and if thats the case I sure hope its
      far enough into the future it don't almost feel like home and yet
      feel sorta alian at the same time, flat out total strange I think I
      could handle better.

      Maybe, but your wondering maybe who I am and why you should care?

      My names Parson's Gary Parsons, I was born in the year of our lord
      as I heard it said nineteen and twenty during a thunder storm out in
      the desert of Arizona and a comet or shooting star or something was
      seen just as I came outta my momma, way I heard it a Pawnee who was a
      co-worker and pal of my pah said I was born to be a traveler and man
      he got that right, born with itchy feet its been said of me.

      So hello, I am Gary Parsons, born July 1 1920 and today is Actorber
      20th or so 1987 which should make me 67 but I am really 30.

      And that's because I along with my friend O'Casey were transported
      from the year 1953 forward about 26 years, by some well meaning folks
      who were themselves superheros, but not ones I knew from the old
      days the Justice Squad,

      All of that stuff is probably written up somewhere and I ain't here
      to write the history of the world just tell you who I am and how I
      got here,and why I am writing this.

      I am not just a rodeo cowboy but also The Golden Arrow, a masked
      crime fighter and champion of the people fighter for whats right and
      all of that because maybe because my parents were killed when I was a
      child and maybe because I believe in my heart and soul that pushing
      people around, chasing them not only off thier land but hunting them
      down and killing them for sport is cruel and evil no matter what
      glorious name you give it like manifest destiny, evil must be stopped
      and I was trained to do that,as a warrior.

      Course the rodeo circuit pays for winning not showing up, and the
      crime fighting well thats not a for pay career but sometimes someone
      would slip me reward money, or a meal thats okay but still both cost
      money hell life costs money, but thing is, what you earn should be
      yours to use as you choose, stealing people's means of survivival, no.

      Well so I was up here in the mountains, looking for a place I
      remember learning about in 1942 while on a manhunt, los padres0
      blanco's tomb a sacred and forgotten spot where two Franciscan friers
      had been buried with much honor in 1789 killed by anglos, looking for
      gold. Some one got em and these two honest decent men were buried
      with more treasures then they ever conceived of wanting, and thier
      burial site was secret to only a few. I had found it and of course
      judging from sign no one had been here in many man years, I hid some
      old golden spanish coins in here figuring the padre's would guard it
      for me until I needed some of it to sell, incase I didn't make
      enough doing rodeos, to pay for gas,repairs,equiptment, my horse and
      his care and we had to eat. and sleep.

      Take the gold and stuff from the padre's graves? Are you that
      unknowing? I would not remove from a saint or hero's grave with out
      permission nor would I seek it unless it was important, no I found
      this place by accident and made use of the offering, Besides I had on
      occaision seen what happened to some tomb thieves, and I ain't no
      thieve. I live honestly.

      So I was up here to dig up some of the old money I had left and
      while here found out about a blizzard, I figured I would have time to
      come and go before it hit, but I had parked my truck down below and
      hiked up and there had been some changes in the terrain since I been
      here last,even so Icould have beaten the unseasonal but expected to
      be fierce unseasonal ice storm had it not been for encountering
      Gorrila Jones escaped murderer and former World Heavy Weight
      Wrestling Champion imprisoned for killing three people men, cops not
      wrestlers but men in good physical condition all of which I knew
      about from the radio only, I wouldn't even have suspected this huge
      hairy kinda bear like man of being called Gorrila at first I thought
      he mighta been half big foot and maybe he is.

      But he was about to molest a young woman and was in the process of
      beating the young man who was with her into a coma and maybe worse
      when I spotted him and wished to God I had brought my bow and arrows
      with me so I could have put an immediate stop to what was transpiring
      instead of having to yell and run forward uphill...

      Already this was definately NOT an indication of likely to beat the

      to be continued
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