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  • The Time Trust
    Dec 22, 2013
      A very good story. Though my pastor has pointed out several times that Mary was probably only around 13 years old when she became pregnant, since at that time Jewish women were betrothed between the ages of 9 and 13.
      Doc Quantum of The Time Trust

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      Part 7

      He was not prepared for what happened next. The maggots immediately became dried husks that crumbled and blew away with the wind, while his foe began to change.

      The nightmarish monster became a boy roughly Joel’s age. His skin was ruddy and his hair dark. He wore the rags of one less fortunate than Joel, and on a thin rope hanging from his neck, he carried a small drum. Looking up at Joel, the boy had tears in his eyes and a grateful smile on his face. “Thank you,” he choked out, as he wrapped his arms around the shepherd’s waist.

      Joel gently push him back. “How did you become that monster?” he asked.

      The boy fought back tears. “It was a bad dream,” the boy began. “A strange man in black robes came to me in my dreams. He kept offering me things, things I didn’t want, things that I knew weren’t good. He told me that all I had to do was complete a task for him and these things would be mine. I kept refusing, so he got mad and told me that if I wouldn’t help him willingly, he would take what he wanted. I hated him for what he did to me, and he made me share that hatred. You saved me.”

      “Where are you from?” Joel asked. “Where is your family? I’ll bet they are worried about you.”

      “I have no family,” the boy said, sobbing.

      Joel was silent for a second, then spoke. “Shazam.”

      Boy to boy the two now faced each other. Joel could see the surprise on his counterpart’s face. “Would you like a family?” he asked.

      “Really?” the boy asked, in return. “I want one more than anything. That’s the one thing the man in my dreams couldn’t offer me.”

      “I have a mission to complete,” Joel said. “Once I am done, you can go home with me. I’m sure my parents would love another son.”

      “That would be…wonderful,” the boy said. “My name is Aaron.”

      “I’m Joel.”

      The two new brothers hugged.

      Arm in arm, the two boys began walking back toward the main road. Something told Joel that he wouldn’t need to transform again.

      The End

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