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4449A request for more Captain Marvel Junior!

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  • The Time Trust
    Dec 2, 2013
      After creating all the banners for the present-day stories from this group, which can be seen on all the present-day Earth-S stories at the Five Earths Project, I realized that we've never seen a solo Captain Marvel Junior story! I mean a solo story, not a guest appearance in someone else's story, a team-up, or a Marvel Family story. No one here has ever written or completed one. With Christmas coming up, it might be nice to see Junior get a spotlight of his own. We haven't checked in with him much lately.

      Freddy Freeman is at Columbia University in New York City studying Journalism, while still running his newsstand in between classes. It would be cool to see him star in a story of his own, even if it's a really short character piece.
      Doc Quantum of The Time Trust

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