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4437Re: [Shazam Earth S Lives on] Tales of Fawcett City: It's a Date Part 1

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  • Frank Murdock
    Sep 12, 2013
      I'll be happy to read the archives Doc if you would kindly put a link
      for me to get there. I am no longer able to access yahoo groups since
      they made the crappy changes.

      As far as Shiva, I used the wrong name. I am mostly interested in
      Kali, who in my mind opens up plenty of opportunities for cleaning up
      the world of Earth S.

      On 9/11/13, Doc Quantum <the_time_trust_2000@...> wrote:
      > Hear, hear! Great breakdown, Libby. That's how I feel about Earth-S as well.
      > I love Sivana and his hand-wringing gleefulness. I love Captain Marvel's
      > goodness and pure heart, and his inability to strike a female foe because he
      > can't hit a woman. I love Mary Marvel's cheerfulness and willingness to
      > believe in the best in people, even her foes. I love Captain Marvel Junior's
      > heroic nature and his utter coolness. And then there's Uncle Dudley and his
      > Shazambago, and Mr. Tawny the talking lion, and so many other characters
      > that just wouldn't fit all that well on the other Earths, but work on
      > Earth-S like a charm.
      > Even the Lieutenant Marvels are fun in their own way, though they're always
      > best in small doses. That's why they've mostly been limited to working
      > together only when the Marvel Family needs their help. I think, outside of
      > Cool Marvel (and Fat Marvel in my recent story), they've only ever been seen
      > together and have been used sparingly. I'm not sure there's any reason to
      > get rid of them.
      > But I'd personally be inclined to take away Cool Marvel's special status to
      > be able to work as a solo hero. I think it's better if he becomes one of the
      > gang of Lieutenant Marvels that are always seen working in concert with each
      > other rather than the solo hero that he's become. Or, if he's popular enough
      > to be a hero in his own right, is there a way he can gain become a
      > non-Marvel superhero? These are just rambling thoughts, mind you. I don't
      > have a strong opinion on Cool Marvel one way or the other. I just don't
      > think he should take Caitlin O'Malley's place as the fourth Marvel.
      > Cheers,
      > Doc
      > --- In 5earthswriters@yahoogroups.com, Libbylawrence wrote:
      > I think each Earth has its own- possibly vague in some cases- tone as far as
      > stories are concerned.
      > Earth S stories have always had a certain whimsy about them. Captain Marvel
      > was as capable and heroic as Superman but he also starred in stories with
      > large elements of humor in them. Sivana may be smarter that Luthor but he
      > also had a enthusiasm for whatever evil deed he was attempting. He loved his
      > work so to speak.
      > That kind of gleeful, hand wringing malice would not fit with Luthor for
      > example. Any way, I may be expressing it poorly but I think Earth S should
      > be full of robotic grandmothers, talking tigers, Lts. with exaggerated
      > cultural traits and it is all the richer for it.
      > World at War Earth X would be grimmer as would the Cold War dominated E-4.
      > I think saying any aspect of Earth S is "dumb or lame ' is as unfair as
      > saying Earth X has too many Nazi stories or that E-4 needs to show U S and
      > Soviet accord..


      Frank G. Murdock
      Acadiana Area Council of the Blind President and founder
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