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4431Re: [Shazam Earth S Lives on] Tales of Fawcett City: It's a Date Part 1

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  • Doc Quantum
    Sep 11, 2013
      Hear, hear! Great breakdown, Libby. That's how I feel about Earth-S as well. I love Sivana and his hand-wringing gleefulness. I love Captain Marvel's goodness and pure heart, and his inability to strike a female foe because he can't hit a woman. I love Mary Marvel's cheerfulness and willingness to believe in the best in people, even her foes. I love Captain Marvel Junior's heroic nature and his utter coolness. And then there's Uncle Dudley and his Shazambago, and Mr. Tawny the talking lion, and so many other characters that just wouldn't fit all that well on the other Earths, but work on Earth-S like a charm.

      Even the Lieutenant Marvels are fun in their own way, though they're always best in small doses. That's why they've mostly been limited to working together only when the Marvel Family needs their help. I think, outside of Cool Marvel (and Fat Marvel in my recent story), they've only ever been seen together and have been used sparingly. I'm not sure there's any reason to get rid of them.

      But I'd personally be inclined to take away Cool Marvel's special status to be able to work as a solo hero. I think it's better if he becomes one of the gang of Lieutenant Marvels that are always seen working in concert with each other rather than the solo hero that he's become. Or, if he's popular enough to be a hero in his own right, is there a way he can gain become a non-Marvel superhero? These are just rambling thoughts, mind you. I don't have a strong opinion on Cool Marvel one way or the other. I just don't think he should take Caitlin O'Malley's place as the fourth Marvel.


      --- In 5earthswriters@yahoogroups.com, Libbylawrence wrote:

      I think each Earth has its own- possibly vague in some cases- tone as far as stories are concerned.

      Earth S stories have always had a certain whimsy about them. Captain Marvel was as capable and heroic as Superman but he also starred in stories with large elements of humor in them. Sivana may be smarter that Luthor but he also had a enthusiasm for whatever evil deed he was attempting. He loved his work so to speak.

      That kind of gleeful, hand wringing malice would not fit with Luthor for example. Any way, I may be expressing it poorly but I think Earth S should be full of robotic grandmothers, talking tigers, Lts. with exaggerated cultural traits and it is all the richer for it.

      World at War Earth X would be grimmer as would the Cold War dominated E-4.

      I think saying any aspect of Earth S is "dumb or lame ' is as unfair as saying Earth X has too many Nazi stories or that E-4 needs to show U S and Soviet accord..
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