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4425Re: [Shazam Earth S Lives on] Tales of Fawcett City: It's a Date Part 1

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  • ddswanson
    Sep 10, 2013
      Levram Niatpac
      Uncle Marvel
      Captain Thunder
      Mary Thunder
      Thunderman (formerly Captain Thunder Jr.)

      Take out the bad guys, and put all the good guys with the Powers of Shazam into a single army, and they could easily rule the multiverse...


      --- In ShazamEarthSliveson@yahoogroups.com, The Time Trust <the_time_trust_2000@...> wrote:
      > Let me see if I can name them all:
      > The main Marvel Family is as follows:
      > Captain Marvel
      > Mary Marvel
      > Captain Marvel Junior
      > Lady Marvel (Caitlin O'Malley, depowered)
      > The three Lieutenant Marvels are as follows:
      > Tall Marvel
      > Hill Marvel
      > Cool Marvel
      > Fat Marvel (deceased)
      > The three Lieutenant Mary Marvels are as follows:
      > Posh Mary Marvel
      > Mary Belle Marvel
      > Valley Mary Marvel
      > The Black Adam Family quintet:
      > Black Adam
      > Black Sheba (depowered)
      > Black Dionysius (depowered)
      > Black Athena (depowered)
      > And then there's the non-Marvels empowered by Shazam in one way or another:
      > The Mighty Isis (active, and probably unaware that Shazam empowered her ancestress)
      > Master Man (active, and only recently aware that Shazam was the old doctor who empowered him as a boy)
      > Shiva (retired and working as a teacher at the Grimoire "school of magic" on the dimensional nexus that connects all five Earths)
      > Kali (same as above, though she was actually empowered by Blaze and Satanus, the latter disguised as Shazam)
      > Thunder Girl (apparently has the power of Shazam, but Shazam had no idea who the heck this girl is when he became aware of her, while she doesn't know anything about the old wizard herself)
      > The Marvelman Family (mentioned by Shazam but never seen in the "DC Universe: Challenge of Shazam" story):
      > Marvelman (lost in space and time, and due to the effects of the Crisis, his existence as Britain's protector from 1954 to 1963 is not known)
      > Young Marvelman (same as above)
      > Kid Marvelman (same as above)
      > Whew! Now, out of the all the above characters, only 13 are still active as of current continuity. As for Thunder Girl, her story isn't as cut and dried as the others. I'm planning on clearing up some things about the character and her connection to Shazam and the Marvels in a sequel story that will explain where she came from.
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      > >Is it time for a Marvelpocalypse?
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