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5252If Tomorrow Didn’t Exist (Part 3)!

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  • cpkumar
    Jun 18, 2017

      A world full of joy is an impossible thing to think about and a world where the clouds of sorrow are right on top of us looks more of a possibility for the complete world. Keep your hand on your heart and ask yourself for a moment if the tomorrow based on what you see happening in the world today, didn’t exist what would you do today to create a secure future for your lives and the world as a whole, a future as per what God thinks and plans.

      God is often in story books shown as a white bearded figure sitting in the clouds and giving us joy as well as sorrow. But God is a Supreme Being of Consciousness, not visible to the physical eyes, who stays beyond the clouds and the world of the five elements of sky, air, fire, water and earth in the sixth element. He does not ever hurt His children but only thinks of the welfare of His children from every nation of the world. He is a being of energy or spiritual light and might with a most powerful mind and intellect in the Universe watching over the current rise in difficult situations in the lives of millions of people across the world. Don’t think He is merciless. He is on an incognito level awakening the consciousness of human souls and empowering their mind and intellect so that the effect of this subtle thought power flows into the world and even the five elements of nature and makes them peaceful and co-operative instead of as violent as they are today. This is the secret task of God. God is not indifferent or cold to the sorrows of the old world. In fact, He, being the most patient being in the Universe, is working tirelessly on an incognito level to bring back the world of the past, a world of joy. Don’t forget that even about 500 years ago, the world was filled with the energy of joy much more than the joy of the present world although scientific advancement was less at that time, but everyone in the world at that time lived together like one big happy family much more than how we live with each other today.