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  • C. P. Kumar
    Jun 16, 2017
      You have to do right things to live a right life. You cannot expect otherwise!

      A gentleman did lots of frauds in his business. He earned a lot and he lost a lot. One good thing he did was he helped people a lot. Who so ever came to him for help, he never said no. He went out of the way also to help people. However, he was doing wrong things in business also. So many times, his life was in danger or was about to be imprisoned but something saved him. He always promised that he would never repeat something like that. But again he was tempted! Finally he sat and decided that what type of life I want and the answer was peaceful life. But can you get a peaceful life doing all such things no! So he decided to change the course.

      Two brothers were living together. The Elder one's wife manipulated her husband and kicked out the younger one with his wife. She thought that she would live a happy and peaceful life with her husband after that. But is it possible? They had the toughest time of their lives after that.

      A 30 years old girl woman, who grew up in tough life circumstances, without parents in a church decided to do better things. She did not know how to make her life better. She recalled hearing once, when you help others, Universe helps you. She made this her mantra. She started helping everyone in whatever way she could. Initially it was bit of a conditional as she wanted to make her life better but gradually it started becoming her life style. Opportunities started coming from all directions. By 40 she had reached to a decent level in life. She bought her own home and she had her own small business.

      Karma is not old theory! Whatever we are getting, we have given that in past. What we are giving right now, we will receive that in future. It is never late to correct the course anytime. We have to sit and decide what kind of life we want and then take actions accordingly. If you want to have an abundant life, focus on creating and sharing abundance. If you want to have a peaceful life, focus on that right now.

      Sheetal Jain
      Life Coach and Author 

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      Sheetal Jain - Life Coach and Author
      Sheetal Jain - Life Coach and Author
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