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Re: Snow's Dreams

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  • Snow
    Thanks Storm Rider I m dreaming alot these days - but alots going on in my life. The thing is, these negative things are things from the outside - 1. a partner
    Message 1 of 37 , May 1, 2006
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      Thanks Storm Rider
      I'm dreaming alot these days - but alots going on in my life. The
      thing is, these negative things are things from the outside - 1. a
      partner who is pious and who hates that I'm reading, studying, or
      practicing anything else than his chosen religion; (I do my best to
      hide it, and am VERY discreet, but he digs through my stuff!) 2. an
      eldering mother who lives across the sea who is negative to most of
      what i do, even when i took a month free from work and waited on her
      hand and foot in March, yes, I know the elderly need love and special
      attention, but she's ALWAYS had a critical attitude towards my
      "differentness." 3. My oldest daughter who hates that I am growing
      into a different person than the Mommy she grew up with. I mistakenly
      thought she could handle it. We've always had a very close relationship.

      These are all things which tug on the heartstrings, but still, I am
      what I am. I am not doing anything to hurt them, but trying to grow
      and be free, what I'm meant to be.

      So I think that's why I'd like to burn all of these things - burn
      their influence over me, just be drastic and get rid of it! but at the
      same time, they are all an integral part of me! That's my dilemma!

      With regards,
      --- In ShamanicWays@yahoogroups.com, Dave McKeen <dmckeen@...> wrote:
      > Snow,
      > One must embrace all of themselves. Rather than discard or "burn"
      > that which is negative in yourself and your life you must accept that
      > it is a part of you that helps to make you who you are today. If
      > the influences now seem negative then accept that you overcame them
      > and don't punish yourself for those influences. You are human with
      > all that that intales. It's called "Hunan Nature" for a reason. So
      > rather than destroying the doll see it placed in a display box and
      > labeled as a life lesson learned. Look upon it with fondness as
      > something that will never be in your life again. Hope that helps.
      > Stormrider
      > The truth as I see it,
      > Is right but only for me
      > At 03:47 AM 4/30/2006, you wrote:
      > >First, I finally got the book by Sarengerel on Shamanism which I
      > >ordered weeks ago, and am thrilled. Started reading last night.
      > >
      > >And last night I had one of my dreams; we were staying at a hotel/camp
      > >kind of place, many people together, and I and some others,
      friends, were
      > >trying to find a "bad doll" which had a negative influence on this girl
      > >who was me, i think, and she was holding on to it and hiding with it,
      > >so we couldn't take it and throw it into the fire. She finally hid
      > >under the stairs with it, but we took it and got rid of it.
    • Raka
      you bugger!...lmao Raka ... his
      Message 37 of 37 , May 3, 2006
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        you bugger!...lmao


        --- In ShamanicWays@yahoogroups.com, "wayne_dogfox" <brightforge@...>
        > --- In ShamanicWays@yahoogroups.com, "Raka" <mlady_raka@> wrote:
        > >
        > > I wasn't writing this from my perspective, I was simply inside
        > > mind and picked up on how he would react.....(sorry if it was
        > unclear)
        > >
        > > love and rainbows
        > >
        > > Raka
        > >
        > aaahhh! the mists clear ;)
        > dogfox
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